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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some Interesting And Amazing Events About Christmas Traditions

*---In the Democratic Republic of Czechoslovakia a virgin girl if wants to know whether she can marry next year or not, she stands at the door of her house on the eve of Christmas backing toward door. She throws her shoe over her shoulder to her back side. If the major part of the heel of her shoe is toward the door indicates that she will remain virgin next year too. If the front part of the shoe is toward the door she concludes that the time has come to marry.
*--- In the city of Caracas in Venezuela the young boys wearing wooden shoes go to church while skating on the eve of Christmas. Meanwhile all the surrounding roads are closed for vehicular traffic.
*--- In Japan sending red colored Christmas cards are prohibited as red color is considered the symbol of death.
*---- In Spain on December 08, a tree stem is made hollow and on other side of it a face is painted and then different food item are entered in the hollow stem through the face on the stem, till December 25. Then on the evening of December 25, all the foods item are taken out from the stem and all family members hold prays.
*--- According to a German tradition at the last time some pieces of vegetables or pickles are hidden in the shape of green balloon in the Christmas tree. The person who finds these things is awarded and it is taken that his next year will be good for him.
*--- In Italy on the eve of Christmas a dish composed of seven kinds of fish is prepared.
*--- To decorate the Christmas tree with light bulbs was conceived by Edward Johnson the assistant of bulb inventor Edison. By this his invention got a world wide fame.
*--- In Britain in 1551 the church goers were made bound to go on foot on the eve of Christmas with out using any vehicle. Though this law is not followed now but it is existing.
*--- Christmas celebrations were banned from 1647- 1660. This ban was imposed by a Oliver Kromovelle, who belonged to ancient faction "Pureton" He ruled Britain nearly 5 years.
*--- The largest ice statue was made by the people of Maine state of the USA on the eve of Christmas. Its height was 113 feet.
*--- The largest Christmas tree was kept in the Washington shopping mall during 1999. Its height was 221 feet.
*--- In Poland locust or the net of locust is kept in the Christmas tree. As it is said that locust or big grass hopper had woven blanket for Jesus Christ.
*--- The Xmas word for Christmas evolved from the Greek word X that is abbreviated for Christ in Greek language.
*--- Christmas word has been taken from the old English word "Cristes Maesse".
*--- The first idea of decorating the Christmas tree was presented by christian missionary Martin Lother (1483-1546).

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