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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

When Internet And Mobile System Crashed In Pakistan

The mobile and Internet traffic of Pakistan is connected to the world through 3 underwater fiber optical cables. Most of the Internet system works through these wires, therefore, if fault in any one of the cables occur the Internet system gets jammed or is too slow. Thus Pakistanis got acquainted with the importance of under sea Internet wires when 9 miles off shore the Karachi coast undersea cable (SEA-ME-WE-3) got cut resulting in the disconnection of millions of Pakistanis of the Internet and mobile system. This shut down lasted for 14 days till a ship sent by Arab Emirates reached to the spot and repaired the cable.
The SEA-ME- WE3 cable is the lengthiest under sea cable of the world. It is 39000 km long and is connecting four continents e.g. Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe. It starts from Norone, Germany and reaches to South Asia through Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean sea and Suez Canal. Its last location is the city of Okinawa Japan. In addition to Pakistan is also connected through 28000 km long FLAG FEA and 18000 km long SM-4 wires.
During 2008 from January 23 to February 04, Pakistan was disconnected from the Internet World and this time crisis was too severe because all the three cables along with five others were affected. Due to which 100 million Internet users were affected in different countries of the world.

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