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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Chrismas To Christian Brothers All Over The World From Phoolaurkankar

May My Allah bring all happinesses to you who are celebrating Christmas and the new year may bestow on the humanity peace, tranquility and brotherhood. May Allah save the world in new year from wars, battles, blasts, famine and diseases. May Allah save the humanity from ignorance and poverty so that no creature on earth may sleep hungry.
The spokesperson of the Foreign Office of the United States has said that the USA will never apologize on the NATO attack, however it regrets the death of Pakistani solders and is ready to pay the money to the relatives of the deceased. The USA never takes the lives of Pakistanis as that of human beings, it is ready to pay dollars whether it is the killing by Ramond Davis or in drone attacks or now in NATO attacks. Because an American high ranking official had said that Pakistani sell their mothers for pennies. What else is expected from the USA. The spokesman Mark Toner in a press briefing said that the USA admits its mistake but he rejected the demand of Pakistan for US apology. He further said the mistake was on both the sides due to weaker contacts. He said that the inquiry conducted by the USA indicates many hurdles on the Pak-Afghan border in the military operations. He said this was due to lack of confidence beween Pakistan and USA. He said that in the report suggestion were given for the changes in the line of action of operations so that to avoid such incidents in future. It was reported by a News Agency that head of the American Central Command General James had to come to Pakistan but his visit was canceled. He was coming to brief the Army personnels on the NATO attacks. The American Embassy in Pakistan's spokesperson said that general James can come to Pakistan any time if permitted by Pakistan Army.
On other hand American Media (Policy Magazine)has asked Barak Obama to apologize to Pakistan for NATO attack and killing Pakistani soldiers. Wall Street Journal has also reported that the USA has admitted for the first time that major responsibilities of the loss of lives of Pakistanis lies on the shoulders of the USA, The paper referring to the American officials has said that though it will be a bit insulting for the USA to accept the responsibility wholly solly and apologize but it will help to subside the tense environment between the two countries. American media has also also claimed that Pakistan is intending to levy heavy tax (in million dollars)on the NATO supply by road to other side of the border..

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