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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Amsh Faction Of The United States

Today when people can not think of loving with out electricity and our country load shedding of electricity forces people to come out on streets and protest, the existence a tribe of American people that does not care for modern technology or electricity looks unbelievable.But it is a fact. The followers of this sect of people are living in a large number in the American State of Pennsylvania. The traditions and ideology of the people called Amsh seem strange to the world.
This sect of people came to light when they they stop their young boys and girls from going to school after 8th class. This was the violation of the compulsory educational policy of the American law.
The high court of the Pennsylvania gave verdict against the Amsh tribe and sentenced the parents of girl and boy students $ 5 per head. The elders of the Amsh fraction challenged the decision in the supreme court and the apex court decided in favor of Amsh people after a detailed hearing. The important points of the verdict best interprets the beliefs and life style of the Amsh.
*--- settled in the USA, Amsh community belonging to Switzerland is that Christian sect which not only believes in but considers idealistic the simple and natural life of the era of Jesus Christ and are practically following his path. The basic point of of their lives is the strict belief in the Christianity and living simple natural life depending upon agriculture, dairy farming and the related business.
*--- They consider school education and scientific successes consist of desire of personal satisfaction, competition environment and mutual intermingling of girl and boy students. Contrast to this Amsh people follow informal and practical education through which children learn good deeds instead of cunningness, intellect instead of technical knowledge, community development instead of personal development and unlikings for materialistic things instead of worldly matters.
*--- When Amsh children learn the basic skills of primary education e.g. reading, writing and basic arithmetic they are given the oppotunity to test these skills in practical lives.
*--- Court also added in the verdict that non-Amsh teachers and modern style of education becomes hindrance between the students and Amsh community.

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