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Sunday, December 11, 2011

No Account And Expenditure Statement Is Presented To Eurozone By Greek Government

Corruption in Greece is on such a large scale that E 20 billion are swallowed by corrupt and treachrous politicians, army personnels and bureaucracy annually, and this large amount is found no where under the accounts and finance code of the government. No body knows where does this huge amount go. This amounts to 8 % of the GDP. An expert accountant Andaryas Georgeo Kamna who worked for 20 years with the IMF was stunned to know that no accounts of any industry running under the administration of the government are presented to the inland Eurozone stakeholders. Taking from government Television Company to Center for Eradication of Diseases and Greek National Tourism Organization and all the institutions and industries that come between, the accounts/expenditure/income pf none of them is known.
Fifty-one year old economist Geogeofur who was working on doctorate degree in University of Michigan presented some reforms in 2010 that were graded of high standard by Eorope. He was bound under the rules to send the report of budget deficit of Greek according to the standard approved data limits, to Central Statistical Authority. When he was about to send the report, Greek's Parliamentary Board, concerned ministry and some government high ranking officials opposed it. They demanded that voting will be conducted whether to present this report to the Central Statistical Authority or not. On other hand the e-mail of Georgeo was hacked by a member of Parliamentary Board. He was warned in beginning of November that he was investigating against the National Investigation Agencies and he prepared fake statistics of Greek economy. While European Statistical Authority has termed his figures transparent.

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