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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Amazing And Horrible Underground Sites In The World

*--- The Underground Grave Yards Of Paris (France):-
There were many grave yards (Symmetries) of the ancient times in the center of the capital Paris. Therefore developmental works could not be carried out or were suspended. So, at the end of the eighth century government of France decided the bones and remains of the dead of the past be buried underground in the vast and collective graves. Thus, it was done and the remains of nearly 0.6 million dead bodies after taking out from the ground graves were buried in the large underground grave yards. These dead bodies belonged to the year 1785. These remains were loaded in the big trailers and shifted in the darkness of night to the newly prepared underground graves. These new symmetries are called the "Empire of Death" The new grave yard network consisting of collective graves is spreaded on 200 galleries, where million of the remains of dead bodiesare lying. A smaller part of all this is kept opened for the visitors that present an awesome and horrible scene. Different human bones and skulls are arranged in different shapes. Some are arranged in the form of cross and some present faces. Some are decorated on walls or lying in the forms of huge piles. Every body can not see all this because it is so horrible.
*--- Cober Pidi (Australia):-
Cober Pidi is a town situated toward the North Southern Australia that is 846 km away on Stewart High way to the North of Adalede. According to the 2008 census its population consisted of 1918 individuals, among which were 1084 men and 832 women. Among them 268 local Australian were also included. Some timers this town is called Opal capital of the world. Because its mines have a larger quantity of white and milky colored diamonds. Cober Pedi is famous for its residents live in the underground houses that are called dugouts. They live underground because it is too hot here during the day time. People say that its name is due to a local term Kupa-piti meaning "the Sun Of the White man". A young man discovered the mines of opal (Milky stone) or white diamond during 1915 in Cober Pidi, after which miners came to this place. There are many underground tunnels that are linked to larger ravines. Mining work is continued today too. Other underground structures are in the same condition and are working as they work on the fround. These include, church, shops, utensils of clay, art gallery hotels and related offices and business. The extra-ordinary is the golf course where thee not a sinle root of grass. The passage ways of the town are deprived of plants and greenery and the plants and trees that are visible are sandy and oily.

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