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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Clarification Is For Befooling The World

Does the USA is still in this misconception that Taliban will agree to the conditions full of rubbish? THey want only their country to be free of foreign troops then they will talk to any country as a sovereign state. They will continue to send dead bodies of the USA as well as NATO solders to heir respective countries. Neither they recognize Karzai the puppet of the USA nor the invaders. Biden has been flattering so that Taliban may entangle in their net of words but those who have given toughest time to the NATO forces not so simple that they will be deceived. These are only Pakistan's leaders who extend their palms to snake to bite them again and again with reward of dollars. Taliban are not Pakistani politicians.
U.S Ambassador in Kabul Ryan C. Crocker Thursday issued a clarification of the statement of Vice President Biden, who had stated that Taliban are not the enemy of the U.S.
“What the Vice President said was that the Taliban is not necessarily our enemy if they lay down arms and renounce violence, break ties with al Qaeda and accept Afghanistan's constitution, especially concerning women and minorities,” Ambassador Crocker said in a statement
"The Taliban has a choice: Continue to fight or join Afghan society by accepting those conditions," said Ambassador Crocker.

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