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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Aljazeera TV Network Is Ahead In Telecasting Authenticated News--- Helery Clinton

*--- Wazah Munfar (Qatar):--
Forty-five years Wazah remained the director general of the Aljazeera TV Network during last 8 years. Though this network belongs to the Royal family but, Wazah constituted free and liberal policy and made the credibility and truth the basis of his news network. The USA foreign minister Helery Clinton admitted that Aljazeera is quite ahead in telecating real news. Aljazeera kept the flag of freedom of opinion high due the courage of Wazah. Though Wazah is no more in the Aljazeera but the tradition he based in the TV network can not die. He thinks the young generation his hero. Best idea in his view is that masses opinion be respected in making the future policies. The worst idea he thinks is the slavery of power of government and the institutions. Wazah is on number 6 on the list of foreign policy magazine among the top 100 influential persons of 2011.
*--- Fathi Tarbal (Libya):-
Qazzafi used to put to Abu Saleem Jail who opposed him. During 1996 his official killed 1200 prisoners in the jail. After their relatives selected 39 years old Fathi Tarbal to plead the murder case of their killed relatives. After investigation Fathi brough to light the crimes of the Libyan government that were hidden from the eyes of the people. When the revolution started in the Arabian countries, Qazzafi put Fathi behind the bars. Hundreds of the relatives of the dead persons took to the streets against the arrest of Fathi. When police started torturing the protesters many other people came to help them so protest against the arrest of Fathi changed into mass protest. Protests like this caused the fall of Qazzafi government. Fasthi is now a days working in the interim council as representative of younger generation. He is on number 8 in the list of the magazine.
*--- Welma Rosov (Brazil):-
Sixty-three years president of Brazil Welma Rosov is former Marxist Gorilla leader. She came to power in January 2010 with the determination of developing the country. She want that 15 million most poor Brazilians must get rid of poverty. I addition to this she wants to take her country on a high rank globally. She said that she spent many years in jail and learnt how to exist and that problems can not be solved overnight. To reach to destination one has to wait and this is the "hope". If one loses hope then he is disappointed and I learnt in jail how to wait for the best.

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