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Monday, December 19, 2011

Caves Of Batu (Kualalumpur)

The caves of Batu situated in the capital Kualalumpur of Malaysia are actually the range of caves and temples of caves located on the mountains of lime stone.This range is situated 13 km north of Kualalumpure. It was given the name due to River Batu that flows and passes from the hills. In addition, Batu caves is the name of the village nearby. It is said that these caves are 400 million years old. To enter the entrance of greater Batu caves one has to climb 272 rocky stairs. It is very difficult to climb the stairs due to severe warm weather. The naughty and special monkeys of the area also tease the tourists. Howeve, in the month of January every year millions of Thaipusam faithfuls come here and bear all the hardships of hot weather to celebrate a grand festival. Hindus celebrate this festival in the name of God Subramaneem who they call the god of power, strength and kindness.
*--- Radan Health Mine (Montana) USA:-
The Randan mine had been in use since 1924 in the American State Montana.Gold, silver and raw lead was dug from the mine.In 1949 the radiation effects were detected in the closed mine. A woman who went there in the mine for investment found that her one of the diseases had been cured. This news spread all around and this mine was named as Radan Therapy Mine. It is said about the weaker radiation that it is useful in curing some of the do diseases. Pet animal are also treated in the radio active air. The staff of the mine directs the visitors that they should bring a blanket and a pillow if they want to spend night there.

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