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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Veena Gained Her Objective And Restored Her Fading Fame With Nude Photo Shoots

Pakistani starlet Veena Malik, who made a splash in the Indian showbiz industry last year with her stint in reality TV ‘Bigg Boss 4,’ regrets the latest controversy that stirred her nation.
The actress has confessed that she has made a mistake by posing for FHM magazine but has categorically denied going nude.
However, according to her, the magazine cheated on her by tampering with her images.
Talking to a daily, Veena said, “Yes, of course, both the images were morphed. My upper portion was covered with tattoos. I think if I could rewind this time, I would like to delete. I feel cheated.”
“But we all make mistakes, I have made a mistake, learned from it and want to move on,” she added.
Reportedly, Veena’s father had disowned her following the news that shamed him utterly and also called in for severe action against her. “It has been tragic and traumatic, really sad. It has been very difficult,” the tainted actress said.

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