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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Era Of Ekhwan Ul Muslameen Is Going To Begin In Egypt

It is not a news that Ekhwans succeeded in the general elections of Egypt , but news is that it got more success than its expectations. According to unofficial results Ekhwan got 47 % of the votes. The opponents of the party have also admitted that Ekhwan obtained 40-50 % of the votes. Ekhwans won more votes in Cairo but in Alexandria and Kafr u Shaekh, Alnoor party of "Salfis" proved actual hard opponent to Ekhwans. However, if total ballets of Islamists and secular parties are compared, Islamists got 65 % while seculars only 22 % of the total votes collectively.
On 28 and 29th of November 2011 Egyptians have been waiting to cast votes in long queues to elect new parliament. The people world over were looking curiously to public in long queues that what they decide. There were two reasons for their curiosity, first because Egypt is the center of politics in the Middle East and it has a status of capital in the region. Its politics not only affects the Middle East but it has long lasting impact on whole of the Arab World. Secondly, was the importance of Ekhwan Ul Muslameen. The western analyst term the party as "Godfather" of all the Islamic parties of the world. West has been fearing all the time from the political version of Islam and consider Islam a great risk for their rule. Same said about the Ekhwans.
The political analysts of the the world had no doubt about the success of Ekhwans. When the revolutionary movement was in its full swing on January 25,2011, Israel had been saying repeatedly that if Hosn e Mubarakj was ousted, Ekhwan ul Muslameen will come into power. Therefore, Israel and the USA tried their best that revolutionary movement may not get go beyond their control but, the movement was so powerful flood of sentiments against Hosn e Mubarak that took every thing with it, and Mubarak had to leave the country.

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