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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mansoor Admits His First Contact With General James Jones On May 09

Mansoor Ijaz, the US businessman at the centre of the memogate scandal, has clarified that he had first contact with former US National Security Advisor, General James Jones on May 9.
Mansoor rejected General James Jones sworn affidavit submitted in the Supreme Court in which the former advisor had claimed he had conversation with Ijaz on telephone a few days prior to May 9.
Ijaz said it could be proved from his two cell phone bill records that he did not made any contact with James Jones prior to May 9.
Mansoor Ijaz said that six minutes after contacting Husain Haqqani in London on phone, he made contact with James Jones on his residential phone number, adding that after that James contacted him via his new cell phone.
The information of that is present in the statement submitted in the Supreme Court, he said and added that he would present complete telephone record to the SC investigation officials at an appropriate time.
Mansoor said point No. 4 of Jones statement is partially correct because he never used the name of Husain Haqqani during their conversation, adding that he also never used name of Jones during conversation with Haqqani. But Husain Haqqani had knowledge about contacts with many persons on memo.
Mansoor Ijaz claimed that Husain Haqqani had dictated the memo to him.

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