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Friday, December 30, 2011

Pakiatani TV Anchors Who Present Shows Against ISI And Pak Army Are Not Patriotic

When the friends and colleagues used to say that a private Pakistani TV channel that telecasts corruption stories and misdeeds of the government institutions, is on the pay-roll of Jewish lobby, Raw and CIA, I did not believe because this was the only channel I have been watching for news and exclusive news stories. Though it might be an exageration in the blame but now i am sure they were right to greater extent. When a minister of Pakistan called them Indian agents I was annoyed too. But, I am sure they are working on Indian agenda. Any threat they receive they allege ISI. An institution that is working in the best interest of the nation is disliked by India, USA and Israel. The person who endorse the blames of our enemies can not be called a patriotic Pakistani. The US authorities describe," ISI a terrorist organization at par with Al-Qaeda and the Taliban." If a Pakistani agrees with this statement and endorses it he can he be a patriotic one.
As far as disclosing the corruption scandal of Pakistani political leaders or those of bureaucracy it is correct more than hundred percent. But talking against those personnel who provide relief to the people during natural disasters, earth quicks and floods and take care of nation in every difficult moment who bear every bullet from enemy on their chests and due to whose courage we are safely and calmly sleeping in our homes, who sacrifice their lives in bomb blasts curbing terrorism, who save country from corrupt politicians otherwise the remaining Pakistan would have not be exiting till now, and due to their fear the enemy of Pakistan since day 1 can not dare to attack Pakistan, is neither fair nor nor within the limits of patriotism. Be Pakistani love Pakistan. Peace cannot be retained through slogans like "Amn ki Asha. People like these would definetely say army is highly paid out of Pakistani's taxes. Ok would the people like these allow to kill them for million of dollars?". The Pakistan you see today is due to their struggle and sacrificers not due to bogus, fake and so-called democracy.

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