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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wieliczka Salt Mine Of Carko (Poland)

Wieliczka salt mine is situated in the industrial city of Carko that has been included in the list of World Cultural Heritage. It is an unique and examplary place. The tourists are impressed by the silence and calm and quite environment of the underground mine. Mining work in the mine has been continued for centuries. The mine workers have constructed beautiful rooms with the salt and have prepared statues that are found nowhere in the world. A huge underground building of church has been made with the salt. This includes floor, walls and other decoration pieces made up of salt in the church. Wieliczka salt mine has been popular in all the ages. It was shown to the honorable Royal Guests in 14th century. After that the tourists visit the underground marvellous salt buildings, statues and enjoy eagerly all the masterpieces of art.According to an estimate nearly one million tourists visit this place.
*--- Underground Restaurant of Etha In Rangali Island (Maldive):-
This undersea restaurant is located in the Rangali Island of Maldive. This is first restaurant of its kind made up of glass in the world. The special feature of the glass restaurant is its acrylic walls and roof that is 125 mm wide. The structure of the restaurant was prepared in Singapore. From where it was transported through a flat ship, ship also carried a heavy crane and by this crane the structure of the restaurant was unloaded on the preplanned spot under the sea. Its weight is 175 tonnes. Sand was also filled in a capsule within the structure to shift it easily to the underwater location. Its cost was $ 5 million meaning that restaurant administration had to prepare delicious dishes for the guests to recover the spent money. The restaurant is 16 feet below the sea surface and presents a magic scene. People enjoy the beauty of the Indian sea while taking the dinner or lunch.

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