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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ijaz Says 3 Pakistani High Officials Were Involved In The Preparation Of Memo

Astonishing is the fact that the authors and the deliverers did not know that the memo they are delivering to are not trustworthy and the most sensible document would be released or force the person who is in the middle to use this paper in the best interest of the USA and against Pakistan sovereignty, dignity and Pakistan's army. The memo is as a fact as the sun and the its bright light. The authors, the conceiver, the deliverers and those behind it must face the consequences. The enemy of Pak army and ISI disguised in the dress of friend has always harmed Pakistan. It will revenge for the NATO supply blockade, the vacation of Shamsi airbase. Those who depend on this BIG enemy for power are responsible for all this mess.
The main character in the memogate scandal, Mansoor Ijaz has further disclosed that three high officials of Pakistan were involved in the preparation of memo and that he had informed General James Jones about Husain Haqqani while sending it.
In his reply submitted in the Supreme Court, Mansoor Ijaz claimed he had 19 minutes and 26 seconds conversation with General James Jones on telephone and that he had informed him about Husain Haqqani in the end.
The US businessman further revealed that alongwith the memo, he had also sent a covering letter to General Jones. He said, in the letter he had also mentioned about involvement of the personalities, served at military and government positions. Three officials jointly prepared the memo, he said and added that one of them said for delivering the memo to Mike Mullen.
Ijaz said he personally knew two out of these three officials.
Ijaz said he was also in contact with two US officials so that he could deliver the memo to Mike Mullen personally.
Mansoor Ijaz, in his statement submitted to SC, has blackened the names of these US officials so that these could not be read.
Mansoor Ijaz said he asked General James Jones to deliver the memo to Mike Mullen by May 10 at any cost so that Mullen could brief key Pakistani officials at White House on May 11, and the memo could become part of official document.

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