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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Azeem Praem Jee Of India Who Is Indian Bill Gates

Indian industrialist Praem Jee who is now called the Bill Gates of India, has $ 13 billion assets and is the Indian third richest person. But he has not hidden his money in the banks rather spending fot welfare projects. Last year he donated $ 1.95 billion to his welfare organization the "Rural Education Foundation" to train the teachers and prepare syllabus for 2500000 students in 20000 schools. It is the highest amount of money any Indian richest person has ever donated. He has also founded Azeem Praem Jee University too. Foundation will also open 1300 schools in India next year where free education will be provided. Foreign Policy Magazine has enlisted Pream Jee on 14th number.
*--- Julian Assange Of Wikileaks"-
The founder of wished to disclose thousands of diplomatic secret cables sent by American Ambassadors in different countries to Washington ans show the real face of the USA to the world. He remained quite successful in his attempt. It was also known to the world that American ambassadors have how much interference in the national business of different countries. Among these American Ambassadors include N. Peterson (Pakistan), Jane Kartez (Libya), Alizbeth (Italy),Robert Godek(Tunisia) and Carlose Pascal (Mexico).
*--- Ben Ghareba (Tunisia), Daniel and Elexi (Russia):-
All the three workers of human rights were active during 2011 against corruption in their respective countries. Ben Ghareeba of Tunisia published the corruption stories of the government in his blog "Nawat". Daniel founded "Openleaks" and started disclosing the corruption scandals of the world. Elexi in Russia established website "Rasful" and disclosed several contracts based on corruption in the country and saved 700 robels million of the national exchequer from and his country from a huge loss.

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