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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Present And The Past Of TV Reality Shows

The program presented on different TVs channels that has no written script and common people can participate in the show. As the whole environment of the show is natural and the dialogues and talks of the participants are extempore, so it has been called "Reality Show". Usually the winner from the participants is awarded. These special TV program began with the American Program "Candid Camera" The worker linked to the program practically joked with the participants and the hidden camera used to record all the activities of the program. This program got very popular and still now its popularity did not decrease. The first TV program of Candid Camera was presented on August 10, 1948.
An important turn in the history of Reality Show took place in 1948 too, when American Talent Hunt Show "The Original Amateur Hour" started. The purpose of this program was to search for new talent in the fields of acting, dance, singing and other sections of fine arts. The artists presented their skills of arts and and the people were asked to give about their comments about the best performer through telegrams, cards or telephones to the host of the program. The artist who remained on top for a year was awarded with the prize of $2000. In 1950 another kind of reality show program "Game Show "got popularity. This kind of first show was American Program "Beat The Clock". In this program the participants had to solve an enigma in a specific time or had to complete a game. The winner was awarded.

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