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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Land Centers Of Internet

The Internet undersea wires when appears on land that place is called "Internet Exchange Point".These points are located in the countries having coastal point. Internet Exchange Point is actually that building where the undersea wires come out of water. Servers and other related equipments of different Internet Service Providers and Mobile companies are installed in the building. So they receive the dats being transmitted through the wires.
The biggest exchange points are located in big countries like USA, Germany,China, and Britain. The exchange point of Pakistan is situated in Karachi. The biggest Internet Exchange point of the world DE-CIX is located in the Frankfurt, Germany. Its building maintains the servers of 373 companies.Therefore, they send and receive 945 tetra bites data every second.Other big exchange points are situated in USA, Britain, Hong Kong, Russia and Japan.
In the USA a big Internet Exchange Point (Terremark) is situated on the coast of Miami state. This six storey building occupies an area of 0.75 million square feet. Every storey has many serves that belong to Facebook, American Ministry of Defense, German banks, and telecommunication companies. This building has the servers of Internet Corporation that give domain names to websites.
The 7 in wide walls are made up of pure steel and concrete and are so strong that storm of on a speed of 155 miles per can not harm it. Building is air conditioned to keep the temperature at normal level and diesel generators are in stand by position all the time if due to any untoward incident, power break down occurrs that can be turned on. If the work is stopped in this building the computers installed in hospitals and police stations will stop too and there will be no way of communication between the the American institutions. Due to the importance of the building military troops are deployed for its security all the time.

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