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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Some Old And Unique Churches In The World

The life of Jesus Christ (Hazrat Isa AS) is as a minaret of light for Muslims as it is for the Christians. We Muslims believe that Jesus is alive and will return to the world one day. The churches have the same status for worship and prays as Mosques are for Muslims. Here are some of the unique and old churches that present the masterpieces of architectural art.
*--- Las Lajas Cathedral (Columbia):-
A tradition is common about the church constructed in 1918 in the hilly town of Noreno in Columbia that Mary (Bibi Mariam as we say) appeared in the church. According to the tradition a Red Indian lady named Maria Mueses de Quinones travelled to the spot for recovery of the health of her duff and dumb daughter. This place was at a distance of 6 miles from a far off Columbian town Polosi. She traveled to the place on the hilly path taking her daughter on her back. According to the tradition when she reached to the place where it is a church now, her daughter suddenly began to speak. She said that she (Maria) saw a shadow in the cave, It is thought that this shadow was of Bibi Mariam (Mary). After some time the local people laid the foundation and after few days they claimed that the worshipers saw a picture in which Bibi Mariam was carrying a baby in her lap. Under her foot steps were standing Saint Franciss and Saint Dominican. Interesting thing is that after investigation it was observed that the colors used in the picture were not man made. However, afterward, the walls dug for the construction of the church traces many colors were discovered at a depth of several feet depth. The picture engraved on the rock provides spiritual satisfaction to the faithfuls. Whatever the case may be, a beautiful church building in Gothic architectural design has been established since 1916. Church has been constructed in the ravine of river Guaitara having extreme difficult pathway leading to the church.
*--- Sagrada Familla Church (Spain):-
This church has been under construction since 1882 in the city of Bacelona (Spain). The life sketches and scenes of the life of Hazrat Isa (AS) Jesus Christ have been engraved on the external walls and minarets. Eighteen minarets have been planned to be constructed collectively in the design of the church. Eight minarets have been constructed up till now. The eighteen minarets represent the 12 Apostles, 4 Evangelist and the Hazrat Isa (AS) and Bibi Mariam. The construction work of highest Minar that is dedicated to Hazrat Isa (AS) has not been started yet. The proposed height of this minaret is 550 feet and after its completion the church will gain the status of the highest one in the world. Church has tgree sides. It is remind that the constructed task of the church was taken up by Spanish architecturist Antonio Godi alone (1852-1926). He had devoted his whole life for the construction of the church. When people used to ask him about the completion of the church he used to say , " this church is being built by Allah through him (Godi) so He has no haste". The people named him referring his this reply as the "architecturlist of Allah". Antonio died in an accident in 1926. As he said Allah is helping him so he did not plan any design on paper and had saved it in his mind. So no construction work could be started on the church for a long time. After ward in the Spain civil war a portion of the church got burnt. However, based on the mixture of Gothic as well as modern architectural design Nouveau the church after passing 125 years is still under construction. According to the Guardian newspaper, its construction is expected to be completed by 2026, when Antonio death will pass one century. Having the seating capacity of 9000 people the church was enlisted as World Cultural Heritage by United Nation in 1993. In 2008 when Antonio's design was changed but on the public protest this process was stopped. It is worth mentioning that according to the Antonio's directives no government help will be sought for its construction. Therefore, its construction is being done by the donations of the people.