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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hundred Great Intellectuals Of 2011

The famous American journal Foreign Policy Magazine during first week of December 2011, published the list of those 100 great people who left important impacts through their ideas, actions and thinkings on the world. THey are:-
*--- Allama Alaswani (Egypt):-
Egyptian dental surgeon who got reputation as novelist but he gained world popularity during Egyptian revolution. He stood along with the Egyptian people against Mubarak's dictatorship and government's corruption.He is among the founders of protest movement Kafaya (Enough is enough).He had narrow escape during the firing at Tehrir Square protests. He says as real love makes a person good personality so is the revolution. He prefers thhe USA to China. He has two novels "The brothers Karamozov" (Dostofisky) and "The Oldman and the Sea" (Hamingwa) and one fiction writer Schekhov are under his study.
*--- Muhammad Albradee And Wile Ghaneem :-
Sixty-nine year Albradee remained the head of International Atomic Energy Agency for a long time. After retirement he returned to Egypt and joined the struggle movement against the dictatorial regime. He thought that Mubarak era will come to end but will take longer, however, the Egyptian revolution made him astonished. He is participating in the elections. Bu-Azizi is the hero of Albradee. He prefers the USA to China. He considers that the best idea of 20111 is the role of social media which proved to be an important tool in the "jihad" against dictatorship. The worst idea near to him is that he rejected the wish of his wife to spend time at home after retirement.
Thirty years old Wile Ghabneem was on the front of Internet World against Mubarak regime. He created his Anti-Mubarak page on Facebook that was read vastly so he was [put behind the bars. Wile messages on twitter got popularity too. He wrote on Twitter, " It will be crime for all the Egyptians to remain silent now" (January 25). "Freedom is so precious that it is justified to fight for it." (January 27). " We found the Egypt we had been searching for" February 11).
*--- Ali Farzat and Razan Zaitoona:-
Protest against Syrian government is continued. Syrian government is using the traditional state terrorism to make the protestors silent. Sixty years old is famous Syrian Cartoonist. When public protests started he made comedic sketches of several ministers and of Bashar al Asad as well. Syrian government got annoyed and his hands and legs were broken on 25th of August. Thus revolutionaries were given the message to be silent otherwise they will meet the fate worst than this.
Inspite of all the tactics by the Syrian government mass revolution continues. Thirty-four years Zaitoona is the lawyer for Human Rights. She participated actively in the protest against the government. She went underground when police was behind her. Her husband is under arrest. She thinks all the Syrian protestors are heroes. According to her view one revolution is not enough. The worst idea is the beginning of fight between the revolutionaries after Bashar al Asad.

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