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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

London Olympic Games Reporter's Live Broadcast Was Interrupted By A Soccer Fan's Kiss

A reporter for Sky News was covering the 2012 London Olympic Games when a playful soccer fan decided to interrupt his live broadcast with a kiss.
The reporter tried to resist her advances, but the blonde fan wasn't having it, wrapping her hand around his head and pulls him in for a wet one.
The awkward moment was even more strange as the unnamed Muslim) reporter was fasting for Ramadan, where Muslims refrain from food, drink, and sexual contact.
As his colleagues laughed, the reporter joked: “I am truly fasting.”
At least the nice girl had the courtesy to say “thank you.” Here’s the picture of the Olympic reporter getting a kiss from one of his adoring fans.

Katie The Former CBS News Anchor Is Dating John Molner

Katie Couric has a new talk show in the works and a new man on her arm.
Sources tell The New York Post that the former CBS News anchor is dating John Molner, head of mergers and acquisitions at Brown Brothers Harriman in New York.
They are reportedly "very happy together" and actually appeared together in public over the weekend at a breast cancer benefit.
“Katie looked better than ever and, clearly in love, did her best to keep her relationship with John low-key," said a witness. "She was careful not to be photographed with him, but they were clearly together. They looked good together and other guests remarked that he seemed a more age-appropriate match.”
Couric has two daughters with late husband Jay Monahan, who died of colon cancer in 1998. She split with Brooks Perlin, who is 17 years her junior, for in December, following nearly five years together.

Electricity To Half Of India's 1.2 Billion People Collapsed Today

Grids supplying electricity to half of India's 1.2 billion people collapsed on Tuesday, trapping coal miners, stranding train travelers and plunging hospitals into darkness in the second major blackout in as many days.
Stretching from Assam, near China, to the Himalayas and the northwestern deserts of Rajasthan, the outage was the worst to hit India in more than a decade and embarrassed the government, which has failed to build up enough power capacity to meet soaring demand.
"Even before we could figure out the reason for yesterday's failure, we had more grid failures today," said R. N. Nayak, chairman of the state-run Power Grid Corporation.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has vowed to fast-track stalled power and infrastructure projects as well as introduce free market reforms aimed at reviving India's flagging economy. But he has drawn fire for dragging his feet.
By the afternoon rush-hour, only about 40 percent of power was back up. Electricity had not been restored to all of the sweltering capital, New Delhi, and streets were clogged with commuters trying to get home.
"It's certainly shameful. Power is a very basic amenity and situations like these should not occur," said Unnayan Amitabh, 19, an intern with HSBC bank in New Delhi, as he was giving up on the underground train system and flagging down an auto-rickshaw to get home.
"They talk about big ticket reforms but can't get something as essential as power supply right."
Power Minister Sushilkumar Shinde blamed the system collapse on some states drawing more than their share of electricity from the over-burdened grid.
Asia's third-largest economy suffers a peak-hour power deficit of about 10 percent, dragging on economic growth.
"This is the second day that something like this has happened. I've given instructions that whoever overdraws power will be punished," said Shinde, hours before he was promoted to interior minister in a cabinet reshuffle.
More than a dozen states with a population of 670 million people were without power.
Two hundred miners were stranded in three deep coal shafts in the state of West Bengal when their electric elevators stopped working. Eastern Coalfields Limited official Niladri Roy said workers at the mines, one of which is 700 meters (3,000 feet) deep, were not in danger and were being taken out.
Train stations in Kolkata were swamped and traffic jammed the streets after government offices closed early in the dilapidated coastal city of 5 million people.
The power failed in some major city hospitals and office buildings had to fire up diesel generators.
By mid-evening, services had been restored on the New Delhi metro system
On Monday, India was forced to buy extra power from the tiny neighboring kingdom of Bhutan to help it recover from a blackout that hit more than 300,000 million people.
Indians took to social networking sites to ridicule the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government, in part for promoting Shinde despite the power cuts.
Narendra Modi, an opposition leader and chief minister in Gujarat, a state that enjoys a surplus of power, was scornful.
"With poor economic management UPA has emptied pockets of common man; kept stomachs hungry with inflation & today pushed them into darkness!," he said on his Twitter account.
The country's southern and western grids were supplying power to help restore services, officials said.
The problem has been made worse by a weak monsoon in agricultural states such as wheat-belt Punjab and Uttar Pradesh in the Ganges plain, which has a larger population than Brazil.
With less rain to irrigate crops, more farmers resort to electric pumps to draw water from wells.
India's electricity distribution and transmission is mostly state run, with private companies operating in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. Less than a quarter of generation is private nationwide. More than half the country's electricity is generated by coal, with hydro power and nuclear also contributing.
Power shortages and a creaky road and rail network have weighed heavily on the country's efforts to industrialize. Grappling with the slowest economic growth in nine years, the government recently scaled back a target to pump $1 trillion into infrastructure over the next five years.
Major industries have their own power plants or diesel generators and are shielded from outages. But the inconsistent supply hits investment and disrupts small businesses.
High consumption of heavily subsidized diesel by farmers and businesses has fuelled a gaping fiscal deficit that the government has vowed to tackle to restore confidence in the economy.
But the poor monsoon means a subsidy cut is politically difficult.
On Tuesday, the central bank cut its economic growth outlook for the fiscal year that ends in March to 6.5 percent, from the 7.3 percent assumption made in April, putting its outlook closer to that of many private economists.
"This is going to have a substantial adverse impact on the overall economic activity. Power failure for two consecutive days hits sentiment very badly," said N. Bhanumurthy, a senior economist at National Institute of Public Finance and Policy. said Shinde, hours before he was promoted to interior minister in a cabinet reshuffle.
More than a dozen states with a population of 670 million people were without power.
Two hundred miners were stranded in three deep coal shafts in the state of West Bengal when their electric elevators stopped working. Eastern Coalfields Limited official Niladri Roy said workers at the mines, one of which is 700 meters (3,000 feet) deep, were not in danger and were being taken out.
Train stations in Kolkata were swamped and traffic jammed the streets after government offices closed early in the dilapidated coastal city of 5 million people.
The power failed in some major city hospitals and office buildings had to fire up diesel generators.
By mid-evening, services had been restored on the New Delhi metro system
On Monday, India was forced to buy extra power from the tiny neighboring kingdom of Bhutan to help it recover from a blackout that hit more than 300,000 million people.
Indians took to social networking sites to ridicule the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government, in part for promoting Shinde despite the power cuts.
Narendra Modi, an opposition leader and chief minister in Gujarat, a state that enjoys a surplus of power, was scornful.

Love In Munich Olympics 1972 Between Swiss Prince And A Girl From Ordinay Family

*--- Munich Olympics 1972
In August 1972, the crown prince of Sweden Karl Gustaf reached reached Munich to participate in Olympics. When prince was only of 7 months that his father died. His grandfather reared him in quite strict and restricted environment. So prince was very serious in nature.
One day while prince was visiting Olympic village he met a 29 year beautiful naughty girl Sylvia Summerleath. She was the daughter of German father and Brazilian mother. She could speak 5 different languages. Therefore, she was assigned duties in Munich Olympics as host cum interpreter.
Sylvia was a girl full of life who used to solve the routine problems carelessly. Her jolliness and frankness attracted the prince. But, in the beginning Sylvia did not care for her lover. After some time she was also attacked by God Of Love The "Cupid". Though she was 3 years elder than her beloved.
After Olympics they continued meeting and understanding each other. In 1973, Prince became the king of Sweden. As Sylvia belonged to a common family so elders of royal family were politely asking the king to quit relationship with Sylvia. However king Gustaf did not leave his beloved. At the last , love got successful and during June 1976 both the couple tied knot of marriage. They are living a happy life and have two daughters and one son. Hence,the power of love gathered a prince and a common girl.

Olympics 2012 Medals Standing By The End Of Day 3

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London are off and running with a close race between China and the United States for top medal holder after the third official day of competition; however, for now China has jumped out in front in gold medal standings.
Following is a list of the top eight countries leading the gold medal standings at the end of Day 3 by country with a breakdown by type and total of all medals:

Country......... Gold Silver Bronze Total
N. Korea.........3.......0........1..........4
S. Korea.........2.......2........2..........6
France and North Korea are tied for third place in the gold medal count, while Italy, South Korea, Russia and Kazakhstan are tied for fifth place.
Following is a list of the top five countries leading the total medal standings at the end of Day 3 by country with a breakdown by type of all medals:
Country...Gold Silver Bronze Total

Monday, July 30, 2012

Love In Sydney Olympics 2000 Between Tennis Players Roger Federer And Miraka

*--- Sydney Olympics 2000
Swiss tennis player Roger Federer had the honor of winning Wimbledon tournament 7 times. He also won Grand Slam 17 times. It is a fact that if Roger would have not taken part in Sydney Olympics 2000, probably he would have never succeeded in gaining great successes in life. Because he met his "Queen of Heart" in Sydney Olympics who revolutionized his life.
Participating in Sydney Olympics, 22 year Merosalo's parents belonged to Slovakia. In 1980 they migrated to Switzerland. They were fond of tennis game. In 1987 while they were in a German town to watch a tournament they met they met famous tennis player Martina Neura. She advised Mero's parents that she had guts for tennis game she must learn to play tennis.
Therefore, with hard labor and zeal she became junior Swiss champion in the age of 15. In 1998 she became professional player and began to participate in international tennis tournaments.
In the Sydney Olympics she was defeated by Russian player in first round. In doubles she also experienced defeat in first round. These continuous defeats made her too sad, however, on other side Sydney Olympics brought a pleasant change in her life.
It happened so that rising tennis star and world junior champion 10 year Roger Federer fell in love with her. It was the proverbial love of first sight. Roger used to meet her off and on. She recalls the first days of love that how she used to think that why Rogers talks to me too much then after all the love did not remain one sided and it became both sided. Then they started to live together as other couples do. He called her "Miraka" with love and her this name became so popular that people forgot her real name. In 2002 Miraka retired from tennis due to foot trouble and became Roger's manager. From this change Roger's career took a sharp turn towards fame and success. She organized his life, removed his shyness and Roger concentrated on his game due to Miraka's attention and he became the best player of tennis and he reached to the peak of his career. It is a fact that on the back of every successful man there is a woman.
Roger married his beloved in 2009 and now they have twin daughters.

Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Do Not Care What Is Being Said About Them

While rumors of a relationship continue to run wild, it seems that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher don’t care what is being said about them.
The two recently attended the wrap party for his Steve Jobs biopic at the Hollywood club Duplex, states RadarOnline. Kunis and Kutcher were caught leaving the club together after months of speculation.
The two were reportedly caught showing off PDA recently as Kunis seemed to lean in to kiss Kutcher while sitting on his lap.

London Olympics 2012--- Medals Table Standing

London 2012 Olympics is going to be the biggest sporting event of this decade and it is very exciting to see which country will win medals and dominate the London 2012 Olympics Medal Tally. Last time in 2008 Beijing Olympics it was China who topped the Olympics Medal Table with 51 gold and United States of America ranked second with 36 gold. According to Total Medal count United States of America ranked first and China Second. So basically China and United States of America dominated the previous Olympics. But 2012 Summer Olympics is taking place in London, Team Great Britain is gearing up to showcase themselves and to challenge other participant nations. From 2008 Beijing Olympic Games over 900 medals are awarded to the participants from several participating nations.
London 2012 Olympics Medal Tally
In previous Olympic games in Beijing half of the 900 plus medals were awarded to the top eight teams in medal table standing where both United States of America (110) and China (100) bagged total 210 medals. United States of America have been, so far, the maximum Medal winners in the history of all Olympic games. United States of America have won total 2295 medals out of which 929 gold medals since their very first appearance in Olympics. This is a great achievement for a Country where the total medal number is double than their closest competitor in all categories.
In recent times the trend of dominating performance of USA in the Olympic games have been changed as other competing nations are challenging the United States of America and are rising to the occasion. After the first Olympic Games which was held back in 1896, both the number of medals to be awarded and countries winning these olympic medals have slowly increased. According to the statistics of the Olympic Games 18 countries got chance to host this mega event and 15 of them took the advantage of home crowd, atmosphere to win maximum number of Medals.
London 2012 Olympics Medal Tally
Will Team Great Britain perform well in this upcoming Olympics? Great Britain will get a special advantages this time as they will compete in their home soil and history says that Team Great Britain will do very well in London 2012 Olympics, at the same time they will have an extra pressure on them. In previous Olympics, Great Britain finished at fourth place in Medal Tally and this year their participants will try their best to repeat the history.
Countries to watch at London 2012 Olympics
It is expected that London 2012 will be one of the biggest event of this decade. Each and every participating nations will try to prove their talent. Countries like United States of America, Great Britain, Russia, China, Australia,Germany, South Korea, Japan and Italy are expected to dominate the games. While it comes to 100 meter race Jamaica will dominate this event and in Olympics Marathon Kenya or any other African nation will win the title.
London 2012 Medal standings
Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 China (CHN) 6 4 2 12
2 United States(USA)3 5 3 11
3 Italy (ITA) 2 3 2 7
4 South Korea (KOR) 2 1 2 5
5 France (FRA) 2 1 1 4
6 North Korea (PRK) 2 0 1 3
7 Kazakhstan (KAZ) 2 0 0 2
8 Australia (AUS) 1 1 1 3
Brazil (BRA) 1 1 1 3
Hungary (HUN) 1 1 1 3
11 Netherlands (NED) 1 1 0 2
12 Russia (RUS) 1 0 3 4
13 Georgia (GEO) 1 0 0 1
South Africa (RSA)1 0 0 1
15 Japan (JPN) 0 2 3 5
16 Great BritainGBR)*0 1 1 2
17 Colombia (COL) 0 1 0 1
Cuba (CUB) 0 1 0 1
Poland (POL) 0 1 0 1
Romania (ROU) 0 1 0 1
Chinese Taipei(TPE) 0 1 0 1
22 Azerbaijan (AZE) 0 0 1 1
Belgium (BEL) 0 0 1 1
Canada (CAN) 0 0 1 1
Moldova (MDA) 0 0 1 1
Norway (NOR) 0 0 1 1
Serbia (SRB) 0 0 1 1
Slovakia (SVK) 0 0 1 1
Ukraine (UKR) 0 0 1 1
Uzbekistan (UZB) 0 0 1 1
Total 26 26 30 82

Successful Romances Of Celebrities Nourished During The Past Olympics

*--- Athens Olympics 2004
Thirty three year American shooter Mathew Aimens won a gold medal during 2004 Athens Olympics but was ranked on No 4 in another shooting event. Though he had the capability to win that too. This defeat made Mathew so gloomy that being dismayed he went to restaurant and sat alone. By chance a shooter from Democratic Z check 21 year Katrina Karkaro was also present. She encouraged the American shooter and with her lovely talks she made him laugh. This first meeting turned into deep love. Their love so deepened that they married in 2007.
Mathew Aimens and Katrina planned to participate in London Olympics (Not known whether they are in London Olympics or not).

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Who Was The Intruder In Indian Procession At Olympic Opening Ceremony?

The Indian delegation marched into the Opening Ceremony just like the other 203 countries at the Summer Olympics. A flag bearer led the procession and was accompanied by a female sign holder and a young child ambassador. Behind them, the nation's athletes marched; India's team wore yellow saris and turbans. Someone else was there too, an unexpected intruder in the procession. She wasn't part of the lead group and wasn't an athlete. She was dressed in a red sweater and teal pants and was waving and cheering like she was supposed to be there. She wasn't.
The identity of the Indian Intruder became a major mystery in the country. "Who's That Girl?" blared the headline on the front page of The Hindustan Times. Another newspaper ran an editorial blaming London security for allowing a security risk to march with the team.
London organizing chairman Sebastian Coe revealed her identity on Sunday. "She was a member of the [Opening Ceremony] cast who got slightly overexcited," he said. "We had suspected she was probably a member of the cast, but she clearly started in that venue and we will be speaking to the Indian delegation about that."
The country's Deccan Chronicle newspaper said she was likely Madhura Nagendra, a graduate student from the southern city of Bangalore who had been living in London. If she thought her stunt would be greeted with a sense of humor, she severely overestimated India's Olympic chief, Muralidharan Raga.
"She had no business to walk in with the Indian contingent and we are taking up the issue with the organizers," he said. "We don't know who she is and why she was allowed to walk in. It is a shame that she was with the athletes in the march past."
All right, all right: Let's not get out of hand here. The woman was trespassing and shouldn't have been allowed on the track to march with athletes who earned their spots in London. "A shame," though? A shame is the fact that India has been competing in the Olympics for 112 years and have only earned four more medals than Michael Phelps. This was a mysterious nuisance. And the case is closed.

US Contingency Plan To Attack Iran Should Dipolmacy Fail To Curb Its Nuclear Program

A senior Israeli official denied on Sunday a newspaper report that President Barack Obama's national security adviser had briefed Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on a U.S. contingency plan to attack Iran should diplomacy fail to curb its nuclear program.
The Israeli liberal Haaretz daily on Sunday quoted an unnamed U.S. official as saying the adviser, Thomas Donilon, had described the plan over dinner with Netanyahu earlier this month.
"Nothing in the article is correct. Donilon did not meet the prime minister for dinner, he did not meet him one-on-one, nor did he present operational plans to attack Iran," the senior official, who declined to be named given the sensitivity of the issue, told Reuters.
Haaretz said the briefing was the most significant effort by high-level U.S. officials who had visited Israel in the past month, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to try to dissuade Israel from launching its own military strike on Iran.
The report coincided with a visit to Israel by Obama's main rival in his reelection bid this November, Republican candidate Mitt Romney, who was due to meet the conservative Netanyahu on Sunday.
Haaretz said Donilon had told Netanyahu the Pentagon was planning for a possible decision to attack Iran's nuclear sites, and had shown him some of the plans.
The failure of talks between Iran and six world powers to secure a breakthrough in curbing what the West fears is a drive to develop nuclear weapons has raised international concerns that Israel, widely assumed to be the Middle East's only nuclear-armed state, may opt for a go-it-alone military strike.
Israel has warned the West it thinks it is only a matter of time before Iran's nuclear programme achieves a "zone of immunity" in which bombs will not be able to effectively strike uranium enrichment facilities buried deep underground.
Iran says its programme is solely for peaceful purposes.
On a visit to Jerusalem this month, Clinton said Israel and Washington were "on the same page" with respect to Iran, calling Iran's latest proposals to world power talks on the issue "non starters."
"Our own choice is clear, we will use all elements of American power to prevent
Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons," Clinton said.

Pakistani Engineer Invented A Car Running On Water

A Pakistani engineer has built a car that runs on water, a feat that left onlookers astounded parliamentarians ans scientists.
Engineer Waqar Ahmad who belongs to Sindh drove his car using water as fuel Thursday during a demonstration for parliamentarians, scientists and students, Dawn reported from this Pakistan capital.
The Pakistani government has given full support to Waqar’s project
He said cars could be driven by a system fuelled by water instead of petrol or CNG.
The onlookers were taken aback when they saw it and a cabinet sub-committee lauded the 'Water Fuel Kit Project'.
Religious Affairs Minister Syed Khurshid Ahmad Shah, who heads the panel, said the engineer would have their full support.
The media report explained that the water fueling system is a technology in which 'hydrogen bonding' with distilled water produces hydrogen gas to run the car.
Ahmad had earlier told Shah about the unique project and it was taken to the federal cabinet which asked its sub-committee to discuss it.
During the demonstration, Shah himself drove the car.
The minister said that Ahmad would be given complete security and the formula would be kept secure.
Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf and Finance Minister Hafeez Shaikh value the project, he said.
"We own this project and are committed to successfully completing it," he was quoted as saying.
Federal government is considering to benefit from the project not only to run the vehicles but to generate electricity and to run railway engines. The announcement in this regard is expected on August 14, 2012, The Independence Day of Pakistan.
Talking to voice of America engineer Waqar Ahmad explained in detail the water fuel kit that converts the water into fuel. He expressed the confidence that by adopting and promoting this technology on national level will help in overcoming the power crisis in the country. Waqar said that power houses can be run by the technology and this has never been introduced anywhere in the world before. Pakistan would be the first country to introduce a technology enabling auto engines to run on drinking water. Chairman of Pakistan Council Of Scientific and Industrial Research Dr Shaukat Parvez also favored the stance of Engineer Waqar Ahmad.

Alix And Jim Thrteatened To Sue Cast Mate Over Referring Alix As "Jesus Jugs"

The claws have come out between Alexis Bellino, her husband Jim and Tamra Barney. The legal claws, that is. Days after The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion special, Alexis and Jim have released a statement in which they threaten to sue their cast mate over recent remarks, most notably her insistence on referring to Alexis as "Jesus Jugs."
"The Real Housewives of Orange County is a reality show that is meant to entertain and engage audiences with the lives of its cast members. We recognize that the personalities, drama and conflict of the show attract fans to the popular Bravo reality series," the Bellinos said to Us Weekly.
"Unfortunately, some cast members use the show as a platform for personal attacks and character assassination, perhaps out of personal insecurity or simply to inflict pain. To the extent possible, we try to ignore this behavior.
"This vicious and malicious attack on our family will no longer be tolerated. We have continually tried to take the high road, however, if necessary, we are prepared to defend ourselves against these unfounded, slanderous and defamatory remarks to the fullest extent of the law."

Leryn Franco Admits She Has More Chances Of Retaining Her Title As "Hottest Female Olympian"

Paraguayan javelin thrower Leryn Franco has admitted she has far more chance of retaining her title as “hottest female Olympian” than she does of leaving London with a medal.
Franco was Yahoo's second-most searched Olympian, trailing only Michael Phelps, at the 2008 Beijing Games and was voted the most attractive competitor by several men's magazines. She managed just a 51st place finish in Beijing. Despite improving her performances over the last four years, she's still not expected to finish in the top 20.
"My situation is different from most of the other javelin throwers," Franco said. "I am not just an athlete. I have to be honest, my career is really in the media.
"If people open a magazine, they can see me there. Modeling and fashion is my job, too. It takes up much of my time and enables me to make money. It is flattering to me that people find me good-looking and enjoy seeing me wearing good fashion items."
Franco participated in Friday's Opening Ceremony and will not compete until Aug. 7, the fifth day of track and field events. She threw a personal best of 55.65 meters at an event in Buenos Aires last year, but that mark is nearly 17 meters shy of the world record.
Franco gained some extra attention in the United States last year when she was featured in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition and has a lucrative endorsement contract with Nike. In 2006, she finished second in a national beauty contest, Miss Universo Paraguay. She briefly dated world No.2 tennis player Novak Djokovic, but the pair split when their respective work and travel schedules made a relationship impossible.
"I am not expecting a medal," Franco said. "The competition is very strong and there are athletes who are stronger than me. But I treat it seriously and I want to do my personal best. For me the best reward is just to be here. Getting to the Olympics is like a medal for me."

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Believe A Marriage Should Be Between A Men And A Woman---Miss USA

The Miss USA contest turned ugly after a gay marriage question by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton sparked outrage from the audience and “ugly” fights outside. Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton took out the crown but runner up Miss California Carrie Prejean garnered most of the attention after her answer to a question from Perez Hilton. He asked: “Vermont recently became the fourth state to legalise same-sex marriage … do you think every state should follow suit? Why or why not?” Miss California said “I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that’s how I was raised.” Wrong answer Carrie. It seems if you don’t give the answer the judges want to hear, you can’t win a beauty contest anymore.

Pakistani Swimmer Anum Banday Is Out Of Olympics Events

Pakistani swimmer Anum Banday got 35 th position in the 35 swimmers and hence got out of the swimming event. Similarly, Tai Huwan swimmer from China is also out from the swimming event. while, she had won gold medal in the Beijing Olympics.
Earlier in the war up match Pakistan's defeat was disappointing as it could not score goal on the penalty corner. It is discouraging regarding the preparation for mega event. In the opening ceremony Pakistan contingent was led by Sohail Abbas in the national dress. Muhammad Irfan and Imran Butt are out of the Hockey Squad . Irfan was out due to being unfit, while, management was not satisfied with the performance of Imran. Due to the positive results of Dupe test 10 players are out of Olympic events. In Badminton events Germany defeated Maldive. Deena Volmer from the USA set new record in 100 meter butterfly event. China won gold medal in air rifle event
A blind young man Am Dong Haven from South Korea set two records in arrow event, simultaneously. In men's ranking event he scored 699 points and broken his own earlier record. In the team event too he set a new world record.

Pakistan Handed Over To The USA The List Of TTP Leaders Present In Afghanistan

Pakistan's ambassador Sherry Rahman has handed over the list of leaders of different groups of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan existing in Afghanistan who attack Pakistani posts across the border. Pakistan has sought the help of the USA to make these attacks stop through Afghan government.
The terrorist groups having hide outs in Afghanistan receive financial assistance from RAW, Mosad, and Khad and off and on cross the border and attack Pakistani check posts. The incident like Salasa post and several posts in Dir have been occuring due to the attacks by the contingents consisting of hundreds of terrorists suddenly attacking in the darkness of night.
Afghanistan who oftenly makes hue and cry of terrorists in Pakistan is tamming Pakistan's enemies and sends them to attack Pakistani soldiers. Afghanistan government led by Karzai not the Afghan people is our enemy as much as India is. India has spread its network of Counsulates along the Pakistani border and India's love has made our rulers blind physically and mentally who can not dare to name Indian hands in all the worst law and order situation in the country.

Olympic Flame Ended Its 12,800-mile Journey When Seven Younsters Lit The Olympic Cauldron

The Olympic flame ended its 12,800-mile journey in surprising fashion early Saturday morning in London when seven youngsters lit the Olympic cauldron in front of 80,000 spectators at the Opening Ceremony in Olympic Stadium.
After being passed the torch by Olympic legend Steve Redgrave, the seven young athletes received flames from seven legends of the Games and simultaneously lit 200 miniature torches that rose together to form a breathtaking cauldron in the center of the stadium.
That capped a delightful, madcap Opening Ceremony directed by visionary filmmaker Danny Boyle that took place in front of an excited crowd, the delegations of 205 countries, British royalty and a distinguished group of Olympic flag bearers that included Muhammad Ali.
The cauldron's lighting ends years of speculation that began almost immediately after London was awarded the Olympics in 2005. Instead of going with a big name, Queen Elizabeth, David Beckham, Roger Bannister, Chris Hoy and five-time gold medalist Steve Redgrave had all been discussed as potential candidates, Boyle went the egalitarian route, choosing seven teenagers of varying backgrounds to accept from the flame from seven legends. It was a symbolic, if unsubtle, passing of the torch.
Despite being passed over for the honor of lighting the flame, all of the rumored final torch bearers played a major role in the Opening Ceremony. Hoy led Great Britain's Olympic team into the Opening Ceremony while proudly holding the Union Jack. Redgrave ran the flame into Olympic stadium after it was passed to him on the River Thames by David Beckham. He handed it off to seven young athletes who ran it around the track.
The Queen also appeared in a short film, helicoptering with James Bond. She later officially opened the Games with a short speech.
Paul McCartney and his band took the stage following the lighting of the ceremony and played a rousing rendition of "Hey Jude," accompanied by fans singing along in unison.
Competition in the London Olympics began Wednesday with women's soccer. The first gold medal will be awarded early Saturday morning in the women's 10-meter air rifle.

Friday, July 27, 2012

No Rohingian Muslim Will Be Left Alive--- Burmese

In Myanmar ( Burma), Muslims are called, terrorists, animals, ferocious and devils and so many other insulting and humiliating names. Military government during its 50 year regime ignited fire of hatred against Muslims. In Hong Kong the then Council General of Burma and now ambassador of Burma to UN in an open letter to diplomats and ambassadors termed Muslims as ravenous hateful animals. He also compared the deep brown skin of Muslims with original majority population of Burmese that is having shining white color and soft skin and called Burmese the beautiful and the Muslims as the ugliest.
Burmese rulers filled the minds of masses with severe hatred against Muslims that is expressed in the messages continuously posted online.
An active member of ASEAN net work Daeby Stewart Hard says that the Burmese people were determined to kill all the Rohingya Muslims. The new riots have created a new wave of hatred and poison. Several Burmese have posted messages on on Internet that Rohingyan Muslims are foreigner, intruders and attackers. Some compare them with Taliban and Al-Qaeda.
Sai Latt is a well known writer and analyst of Burma who is studying for PhD degree in the Saimon Freezer University of Canada said that the whole population of Burma turned against the Muslims openly. Intellectuals, journalists, writer and scholars so far so that the so called champions of democracy talk against Rohingya Muslims. A Burmese actress posted her opinion on face book wall tyhat she hated them 100 percent. With this post provocative sentiments risen more and 250 other people opt like her and favored her opinion.
The severity of the hatred against Muslims can be judged by fact that struggle for a long time for democracy in Myanmar and Nobel laureate leader Aang San Su Chi is not ready to utter a single word that favors Rohingya Muslims. Doing so, she is afraid of losing her political favor while, her party National League For Democracy has been allowed to take part in politics. When she was asked during her recent visit to Europe that whether Rohingya were not Mysanmar's citizens? She said she did not know about that. She said when you talk about Rohingyans we do not know whom you are talking about? She added that In Burma people think that Rohingyan were not Burmese but are Bangladeshi. However, Mrs Su Chi said that this issue must be solved through the implementation of law of justice.
Astonishingly, OIC and other Muslim countries are silent on the massacre of Muslim community in Myanmar. Pakistan has only expressed its reservations over killing of Muslims, no strict condemnation was done. Religious parties in Pakistan who conduct sit ins and protests against NATO suppl;y routes have shown no serious protests ? Is Muslim's blood so cheaper that Muslim Ummah will remain silent. Just regrettable on the part of Muslim countries.

Many British Women Prefer To Have Babies Through Indian Surrogate Mothers

Commercial surrogacy is illegal in Briton, many Britons are paying Indians to become surrogate mothers for them. This growing trend in India not only disregards the social systems in the country but also raises many ethical questions.
The birth to surrogate mothers in India last year is likely to be 2,000. Experts agree that the prime single source of majority of these births is from Britons. There are almost 1,000 unregulated clinics in India in which most of them are specialized to help Britons become parents.
Indian surrogate industry has been utilized widely by Britons who don’t wish to bear and deliver children. Only around 100 births are recorded in Briton while almost 1000 births through surrogate mothers in India account for Briton.
The investigation conducted by The Sunday Telegraph brings out this rapidly growing business. The report says that almost £25,000 at a time have been spent by Couples and single people to have children. Authorities in India believe that the surrogate mother industry in India is worth about £1.5 billion each year
The industry has to be regulated soon. As doctors responded to The Sunday Telegraph said that the present trend raises fears of a “wombs to rent” culture since many British women prefer to have babies through surrogates to avoid being pregnant and childbirth. According to British doctors, women in India are being paid up to £6,000 to donate eggs and carry babies. This business have helped many including bankers, senior civil servants, executives at multinational companies and even NHS doctors to become parents through surrogacy in India.
“Nobody in India actually knows for sure how many babies are born through these commercial enterprises and how many places are involved,” said Dr Radhey Sharma, who was commissioned by the Indian government to study the boom in fertility treatments in preparation for legislation to regulate the industry.
He said while disclosing his findings, “I have the database of some 600 IVF clinics in India, but that is not a complete list. There could be around 400 more clinics operating without any regulation.”
The growth of this “baby factory” phenomenon has now become a concern for the government. The committee chaired by Dr Sharma has given suggestions for the industry standard for the first time which includes a regime of inspections and sanctions for those which fail them. The legislation has yet to be considered by India’s parliament and it may take some more years before it become a law.
However if the suggestions are approved, parents in Britain who look for treatments would either be unable to have for legal reasons, or would face lengthy waits on the NHS to obtain.
In the opinion of Dr Shivani Gour, the director of Surrogacy Centre India, “Gay people are just so keen and so desperate to have a family,” she said. “Many of the people say that as soon as they realised they were gay, the saddest thing was that they knew they would never have children.”
“I would say to those people who call what we do immoral, that I feel very sorry for you, god bless you, but you are ignorant, “she added.
The Parents from Briton have to face long waits in India to attain citizenship and passports for their babies. Presently British authorities can take almost a month to grant British citizenship to the children and weeks more to issue passports.
If the proposed regulations for the industry become effective in India this would bring a check to British people from becoming parents through surrogacy. The regulations would make it compulsory for babies to have instant citizenship of their parents’ home countries as soon as they are born.
The poverty level in India is so that unmarried and virgin girls even agree to rent their wombs as surrogate mothers.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

It Is Now Matter Of Hours Not Days For Olympics 2012 To Begin

A beautiful calm village, green fields, waving green tress, singing rivers, happy villagers, pet animals and clouds that if burst suddenly will not be astonishing because The Inaugural Ceremony of The Olympics this time is going to be a "Wonder" of the world. The rural and urban color will mix and make a body in the opening ceremony.
This unique ceremony will be held a few hours from now in the Olympic stadium, Olympic Park London, the name for which is proposed as "Islands of Wonders". To give the stadium a shape of lush green rural area, the organizers are benefiting from the services of 10000 volunteers. It will cost nearly 27 million pounds.The Oscar winning director Cardinee Biol has been appointed as the director of this grandeur celebration. Who in a statement has said that the central theme of the function has been taken from Shakespeare's drama "The Tempest". The function will for three hours at least Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip will inaugurate the formal opening of the games and the thousands of athletes from all over the world will parade.
Among the musicians British Band "Underworld" is also included. The Oscar winner A. R. Rahman will prepare a special song for the ceremony. It is learnt that it is a Punjabi song. The well-known musical band "The Wanted " will present its song "Chasing The Sun".
During the TV coverage of the function a short film will also be shown in which Deniel Craig will perform the character of British legend agent James Bond. According to estimates 4 billion audience will enjoy live coverage of the ceremony. The Olympic lamp will be set off in the ceremony. Wait and enjoy the grand ceremony of the world after 10 hours.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

AXE Zee Agency, Another Version Of Black Water In Pakistan

In federal capital Islamabad, a new agency "AXe Zee" has been launched after Black Water. The American girls of the agency are trapping educated young men belonging to Khyber Pakhtoon Khah and Baluchistan in the well to do areas of Islamabad. The girls hold meetings with the educated youth from the two provinces in the restaurants in Super market and Kohsar Market and astray them for higher education and attractive jobs in the USA. The girls pose them as the staff members of some NGO's that is taking interests in developmental projects in Malakand and Baluchistan. Sources of a daily newspaper say that secret agencies are also monitoring the activities of these girls.
The reporter of the newspaper listened the talks between the American girl and a Master degree holder young man from KPK in a restaurant in a Posh area of Islamabad. The girl handed over her business card to the boy and told him that she has a project for the educated young people to send them to foreign countries for higher education and if they need jobs in the USA that her project can provide to them. (While, the USA has imposed strict ban on issuing visas to Pakistani students.)
The objectives of new agency AXE ZEE seem to deceive the educated young men from Baluchistan and KPK and use them for their own interests. Exactly, the same activities had been launched in Iraq. The end result of the activities of the agencies like this are the killings by Raymond Davis type spies and exit the country with great respect. This agency has rented houses in Posh area in the name of NGO's, if these people are not strictly watched and monitored an incident like that of Raymond Davis may occur again.

Are SAFMA Members Pro-India Lobby?

If you read and concentrate on the writings of these SAFMA members in articles, columns or talking on TVs, you would notice that they are the propaganda machinery for friendship, relations, free trade, soft visa policies through "Amn Ki Asha" or other program with India. They do not care what atrocities, worst examples of state brutalities India is going to set regarding innocent Kashmiris. They only love India and Indians, their culture and their soil more than Pakistan. Please tick mark all these personalities and be aware of their venomous propaganda against Pakistan. Follow them on their social networking sites pages and show them their true face and cut the illuminating tails of these moles. Here are the pro-India lobbyists who are the members of SAFMA:
I A Rehman, Senior Journalist and Director HRCP
2. M. Ziauddin, Executive Editor Express Tribune
3. Zahid Hussain, Senior Editor Newsline
4. Nazir Leghari, Editor Awam
5. Hussain Naqi, Senior Journalist
6. Sadaf Arshad, Executive Editor Media Monitor
7. Atta-ul- Musawar, City Editor, Express Tribune
8. Amir Mehmood, General Secretary, CPNE
9. Siddique Baloch, Editor, Balochistan Times
10. Tariq Chaudry, Vice President of PFUJ
11. Tahir Rathore, President, Rawalpindi-Islamabad Union of Journalists (RIUJ)
12. Khalid Farooqi, Editor, Daily Awaz
13. Ayaz Khan, Editor Editorial, Daily Express
14. Raza Rumi, The Friday Times
15. Shahzada Zulfiqar, Senior Journalist, Quetta
16. Nusrat Javeed, Anchorperson Aaj TV
17. Sirmed Manzoor, General Secretary SAFMA, Pakistan
18. Agha Nasir, Director Geo News
19. Iftikhar Ahmed, Anchorperson Geo News
20. Babar Ayaz, Columnist
21. Saleem Shahid, President Quetta Press Club
22. Dr. Jabbar Khattak, Editor Awami Awaz
23. Ghazi Salahuddin, Columnist
24. Mujahid Barelvi, Anchorperson CNBC
25. Irfana Mallah, Columnist
26. Jehangeer Aslam, President Turbat Press Club
27. GN Mughal, Senior Sindhi Journalist
28. Ghulam Nabi Chandio, Editor
29. Syed Mumtaz Shah, Editor Mashriq Quetta and Lahore
30. Lala Asad, President Sukkar Press Club
31. Khalid Khokar, Editor
32. Fayyaz Naich, Anchorperson Sindh TV
33. Amer Sindhu, Columnist
34. Anjum Rasheed, Senior Journalist Jang Group
35. Khalid Chaudhry, Former Editor AajKal
36. Shoaib Adil, Editor Naya Zamana
37. Saida Fazal, Resident Editor Business Recorder
38. Munno Bhai, Columnist
39. Ibrahim Shirwani, Senior Journalist
40. Asma Shirazi, Anchor SAMAA TV
41. Afzal Khan, Columnist
42. Mustansar Javed, Editor DateLine
43. Rana Qaisar, Resident Editor Pakistan Today, Islamabad
44. Shamsul Islam Naz, Former Sec-Gen PFUJ
45. Khushnood Ali Khan, Editor Jinnah
46. Mehmal Sarfaraz, Editor Oped Daily Times
47. Khaled Ahmed, Editor and Columnist
48. Allama Sadiq Azhar, Columnist Waqt
49. Imtiaz Alam, Editor South Asian Journal
50. Shamim Shahid, President Peshawar Press Club
Please read more,if you are interested to know more about their nefarious designs against Pakistan.