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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Did Indian Terrorist/ Spy Sarbjeet Singh Embrace Islam?

The Indian spy released from Pakistani prison Sarjeet Singh has claimed that Indian terrorists Sarbjeet Singh has embraced Islam and his Islamic name is Sarfaraz (but it can not be believed as he posed to be Muslim to get relief in sentence). Sarjett said this while he was attending worship at Darbar Sahib ( Golden Temple ) at Amritsar. Talking to Indian Media he said that another prisoner in Pakistani jail has also accepted Islam and he was called with the name Din Muhammad. He further said they embraced Islam hoping to be released by Pakistani government but they were not released.
Om other side the sister of Sarbjeet, Dilbeer kore refuted his accepting Islam and said Sarbjeet was Sikh and will remain Sikh. The Indian film actor Salman also got active for the release of Sarbjeet and appealed on twitter to Pakistanis to try to get Sarbjeet released. Why, Did he attempted for Pakistani innocent prisoners' release in Indiasn Jails. Why a terrorists and Indian spy be released. The so called Muslim actors in Bollywood should not appeal to Muslims because they are not Muslioms but 99.9 percent they Hindus like Shah Rukh and so many pthers.
Meanwhile, the widow of Khalil and mother of 5 children said that if the killer of her husband including 14 other Pakistanis in Sangla Hill train bomb blast by Sarbjeet, was released she will burnt herself before president house. Sarbjeet is a terrorist why he be released he must be hanged. Pakistanis lives are not so cheaper that India hangs any suspected Pakistani and we release spies and Indian terrorists with protocol and see him off at Waga border Ansaar Barni tried and successfully got released one Indian terrorist/spy, who when reached India confessed his being Indian spy.

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