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Thursday, July 26, 2012

It Is Now Matter Of Hours Not Days For Olympics 2012 To Begin

A beautiful calm village, green fields, waving green tress, singing rivers, happy villagers, pet animals and clouds that if burst suddenly will not be astonishing because The Inaugural Ceremony of The Olympics this time is going to be a "Wonder" of the world. The rural and urban color will mix and make a body in the opening ceremony.
This unique ceremony will be held a few hours from now in the Olympic stadium, Olympic Park London, the name for which is proposed as "Islands of Wonders". To give the stadium a shape of lush green rural area, the organizers are benefiting from the services of 10000 volunteers. It will cost nearly 27 million pounds.The Oscar winning director Cardinee Biol has been appointed as the director of this grandeur celebration. Who in a statement has said that the central theme of the function has been taken from Shakespeare's drama "The Tempest". The function will for three hours at least Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip will inaugurate the formal opening of the games and the thousands of athletes from all over the world will parade.
Among the musicians British Band "Underworld" is also included. The Oscar winner A. R. Rahman will prepare a special song for the ceremony. It is learnt that it is a Punjabi song. The well-known musical band "The Wanted " will present its song "Chasing The Sun".
During the TV coverage of the function a short film will also be shown in which Deniel Craig will perform the character of British legend agent James Bond. According to estimates 4 billion audience will enjoy live coverage of the ceremony. The Olympic lamp will be set off in the ceremony. Wait and enjoy the grand ceremony of the world after 10 hours.

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