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Friday, July 27, 2012

No Rohingian Muslim Will Be Left Alive--- Burmese

In Myanmar ( Burma), Muslims are called, terrorists, animals, ferocious and devils and so many other insulting and humiliating names. Military government during its 50 year regime ignited fire of hatred against Muslims. In Hong Kong the then Council General of Burma and now ambassador of Burma to UN in an open letter to diplomats and ambassadors termed Muslims as ravenous hateful animals. He also compared the deep brown skin of Muslims with original majority population of Burmese that is having shining white color and soft skin and called Burmese the beautiful and the Muslims as the ugliest.
Burmese rulers filled the minds of masses with severe hatred against Muslims that is expressed in the messages continuously posted online.
An active member of ASEAN net work Daeby Stewart Hard says that the Burmese people were determined to kill all the Rohingya Muslims. The new riots have created a new wave of hatred and poison. Several Burmese have posted messages on on Internet that Rohingyan Muslims are foreigner, intruders and attackers. Some compare them with Taliban and Al-Qaeda.
Sai Latt is a well known writer and analyst of Burma who is studying for PhD degree in the Saimon Freezer University of Canada said that the whole population of Burma turned against the Muslims openly. Intellectuals, journalists, writer and scholars so far so that the so called champions of democracy talk against Rohingya Muslims. A Burmese actress posted her opinion on face book wall tyhat she hated them 100 percent. With this post provocative sentiments risen more and 250 other people opt like her and favored her opinion.
The severity of the hatred against Muslims can be judged by fact that struggle for a long time for democracy in Myanmar and Nobel laureate leader Aang San Su Chi is not ready to utter a single word that favors Rohingya Muslims. Doing so, she is afraid of losing her political favor while, her party National League For Democracy has been allowed to take part in politics. When she was asked during her recent visit to Europe that whether Rohingya were not Mysanmar's citizens? She said she did not know about that. She said when you talk about Rohingyans we do not know whom you are talking about? She added that In Burma people think that Rohingyan were not Burmese but are Bangladeshi. However, Mrs Su Chi said that this issue must be solved through the implementation of law of justice.
Astonishingly, OIC and other Muslim countries are silent on the massacre of Muslim community in Myanmar. Pakistan has only expressed its reservations over killing of Muslims, no strict condemnation was done. Religious parties in Pakistan who conduct sit ins and protests against NATO suppl;y routes have shown no serious protests ? Is Muslim's blood so cheaper that Muslim Ummah will remain silent. Just regrettable on the part of Muslim countries.

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