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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pakistan Handed Over To The USA The List Of TTP Leaders Present In Afghanistan

Pakistan's ambassador Sherry Rahman has handed over the list of leaders of different groups of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan existing in Afghanistan who attack Pakistani posts across the border. Pakistan has sought the help of the USA to make these attacks stop through Afghan government.
The terrorist groups having hide outs in Afghanistan receive financial assistance from RAW, Mosad, and Khad and off and on cross the border and attack Pakistani check posts. The incident like Salasa post and several posts in Dir have been occuring due to the attacks by the contingents consisting of hundreds of terrorists suddenly attacking in the darkness of night.
Afghanistan who oftenly makes hue and cry of terrorists in Pakistan is tamming Pakistan's enemies and sends them to attack Pakistani soldiers. Afghanistan government led by Karzai not the Afghan people is our enemy as much as India is. India has spread its network of Counsulates along the Pakistani border and India's love has made our rulers blind physically and mentally who can not dare to name Indian hands in all the worst law and order situation in the country.

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