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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pakistani Swimmer Anum Banday Is Out Of Olympics Events

Pakistani swimmer Anum Banday got 35 th position in the 35 swimmers and hence got out of the swimming event. Similarly, Tai Huwan swimmer from China is also out from the swimming event. while, she had won gold medal in the Beijing Olympics.
Earlier in the war up match Pakistan's defeat was disappointing as it could not score goal on the penalty corner. It is discouraging regarding the preparation for mega event. In the opening ceremony Pakistan contingent was led by Sohail Abbas in the national dress. Muhammad Irfan and Imran Butt are out of the Hockey Squad . Irfan was out due to being unfit, while, management was not satisfied with the performance of Imran. Due to the positive results of Dupe test 10 players are out of Olympic events. In Badminton events Germany defeated Maldive. Deena Volmer from the USA set new record in 100 meter butterfly event. China won gold medal in air rifle event
A blind young man Am Dong Haven from South Korea set two records in arrow event, simultaneously. In men's ranking event he scored 699 points and broken his own earlier record. In the team event too he set a new world record.

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