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Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Cyber Generation" Of Afghan Taliban

New generation of Afghan Taliban is getting prepared to join fighters. These are the young men who have been brought up in cities instead of far flung areas or in villages. They are educated from schools and religious madrassas. Majority are educated in information technology. They do not have gun in their hands like other traditional Taliban but have mac book, computer, mobile phone, web cam, GPS device and latest equipments are their tools and weapons. These younger generation equipped with latest technology are giving new turn to guerrilla war in Afghanistan. The activities Taliban had to carry out to show their strength in the past were in the form of man power and arms, but now with the use of latest technology they are adopting the ways and strategy to minimize their losses using minimum resources to get larger objectives.
The new generation is as strict and hard as the other old Taliban are but is more cunning than the older ones. They have learnt from the defeats during the last two years that the the attacks in the remotest places are less effective and result-oriented than the activities done in the cities. They get highlighted in the local and international media through creating harassment in the busy areas and cities. cities. The activities like these do not need much man power but the estimates about their strength after operation are much high than the actual strength.
Taliban are preparing dozens of young technology experts for the purpose. This younger generation is capable of fulfilling all the important responsibilities. They are not only experts in collecting secret information but are capable of safe dispatch to the quarter concerned. They can get access to information and are capable of making defense and security stronger.
Their role for spying in urban areas is very important. These young people having urban back ground can easily mix up with the people in cities and can identify the important targets. They know the routes of ambushing the targets and the ways to run away. All these jobs can be performed by the Taliban having rural back ground.
The most important thing is that these young men can easily know in detail about the streets and building through the help of Google maps, GPS and videos and are capable of understanding the minutest information that could not be thought of in the past. Such spying teams of young Afghanis are working in different cities of Afghanistan. According to an American magazine, the head of such projects Jamal said that Mujahidin monitored, shot pictures, drew maps and collected information in different parts of Kabul, Qandhar and Mazar Sharif, daily. They also monitor the security arrangements of embassies, guest houses and hotels where foreigners usually stay. The teams having web cams installed in the dash boeads of their vehicles drive around the sensitive places, government buildings and military installations and the commanders sitting in their residences can view the the places on cam. After the attacks these teams also see the damage done and to rectify any short comings in the next planning of attacks. All these operations were not not possible in the past. Now Taliban are fighting with the latest technological tools as they have realized that to defeat the west is not possible with only traditional arms but adding the information technology as a weapon was more useful.

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