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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Two Paragraphs Of Miss Jinnah's Book "My Brother" Were Also Censored By Director Quad e Azamy Academy--3

The speech of Miss Jinnah was censored by Radio Pakistan while paragraphs of her book "My Brother" were censored by the institution that was created to promote the teachings of the founder of the nation. The censoring authority was the then director of the academy Sharif ul Mujahid. The director performed this "pleasant act" by saying," The mentioned draft of the book "my brother" is being presented under recognized principles except a paragraph that had some sort of objectionable status and the complete draft has been transferred in the book with complete truth and credibility." It is not known that what were the measuring scales of "recognized principles" and that of measuring the credibility of the draft, of Sharif ul Mujahid that allowed him to sensor the writings of an late author deceased (Miss Jinnah's) writings. Though Sharif ul Mujahid was successful in censoring, apparently, but the original draft of the book saved in the National Archives of Pakistan has still the censored paragraphs. Qudrat Ullah Shahab also included these paragraphs in his book "Shahab Nama". Here are the original "censored" paragraphs by the director of the Quad e Azam Academy.
" Prime Minister (Nawanzada Liaqat Ali Khan" asked Dr Ilahi Bakhsh that what was his diagnosis about Quad e Azam's health. Dr replied that he was called by Miss Fatima so he could tell anything about the patient to her. But as a prime minister he was anxious to know this, PM said. Dr respectfully answered no doubt, but added that he could tell nothing without the permission of his patient".
Fatima Jinnah wrote in her book that she was sitting in Quad's room and informed Quaid about the arrival of PM and secretary general. "Quad smiled and said "Fatti" {nick name by Quad for her) do you know why did they come? she replied she could not guess. Quad said they wanted to know that how much his disease was severe and how long could he be alive" . After a few seconds he asked me "go downstairs and inform them that I would meet them now" I said it was too late and they could meet him tomorrow. No, let them come and see themselves with their eyes.".
Liaqat Ali Khan talked to Quad for half an hour in privacy. As soon as he came down I went to my brother's room upstairs. He seemed tired and sad. He asked me for fruit juice then he called Chaudhary Muhammad Ali inside the room. He remained for 15 minutes with Quad and when he was alone again I went to his room and asked whether he would like to take juice or coffee. He kept silent and was thinking something deeply. Meanwhile, dinner time arrived he said to me, " it was better to go down and take dinner with them". I daid "no i would remain with him and would take meal there". "No, he said it was not suitable because they were our guests I should go and take meal with them"
"On dining table I saw prime minister in very happy mood he was laughing and chatting while I was shaking due to sickness of my brother who was lying on bed upstairs. During dinner Chaudhary Muhammad Ali was also silent and was thinking. Before the end of dinner I went upstairs. When I entered the room. Quad e Azam smiled and said Fatti you must be courageous and be patient. I tried to hide my tears that had filled my eyes."
The second paragraph of the book "My Brother" written by Mohtarama Fatima Jinnah and published by Qaud e Azam Academy that was censored read as:--
" After a few days of Pakistan day the Finance Minister Mr. Ghulam Muhammad came to Quetta to meet Quad e Azam. At lunch time when Miss Fatima was sitting with him and they were alone, Mr Dhulam Muhammad said Miss Jinnah "one thing I must tell you about" The message of Quade Azam for the nation on the occasion of Pakistan day has not been highlighted suitably while the posters of message of prime minster have published and pasted everywhere in all the cities on walls as well as have been thrown on all the big cities through aeroplanes. I listened his conversation silently because at the time I was anxious about y brother health not his publicity." .
My dear readers! you have read the censorship activities of the then government regarding the speeches and writings of Miss Jinnah. It can be imagines that if Quad would have been alive the institutions would have censored his speeches and writings like this. It is noteworthy that attempts are being done to do so.

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