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Monday, July 9, 2012

Camera Installed On Fishing Rod Can Show You The Under-Water Secrets

Fishing, if on one side is a profession and a source of earning but on other side it is an interesting hobby too. Some people practice fishing just to get awareness about marine life. In this regard a group of 5 students at the National Taiwan University for Science and Technology has invented a fishing rod that has camera as well as screen. The students have installed water proof camera in place of rod hook in their invention. The video thus shot can be seen sitting in the boat on the screen adjescent to the rod, easily. Camera can be moved around through control button. An identifying sensor has also been installed with the camera for the purpose that informs on the floating spot with the rod on the water surface if fish or any other marine organism comes near the camera. In this situation the user of the camera can move the camera immediately toward the sea creature.
It is to mention that shooting of picture facility is also available with the video. The invention that can be used easily for collecting the information about marine life has been awarded several awards.

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