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Monday, July 23, 2012

TV Anchorpersons And Actresses Present Negative Image Of Pakistan In Foreign Countries

Pictures of Sana Tariq who is the host of ARY Show Bakhabar Sawer, formerly she was a news caster on the popular news network Geo. She is popular among the people.
This clearly shows the on the loose character of these all celebrities. Even our political icons now don’t care about their image and personal lives.
There is a lot more can be said about these girls, but this the basic root for this type of acts should be found first, instead of blaming and correcting this all by force.
These celebrities are the icon of our country and represent our country in outer world, where a positive image is needed instead of an image that do not depict the true culture of our country.
Nearly all of the TV stars with a few exemptions are the chips of the same bundles. What to speak of Veena Malik, all try to be ahead of other in bringing bad names to the nation, specially involved in scandals with the men of enemy countries.

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