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Monday, July 30, 2012

Love In Sydney Olympics 2000 Between Tennis Players Roger Federer And Miraka

*--- Sydney Olympics 2000
Swiss tennis player Roger Federer had the honor of winning Wimbledon tournament 7 times. He also won Grand Slam 17 times. It is a fact that if Roger would have not taken part in Sydney Olympics 2000, probably he would have never succeeded in gaining great successes in life. Because he met his "Queen of Heart" in Sydney Olympics who revolutionized his life.
Participating in Sydney Olympics, 22 year Merosalo's parents belonged to Slovakia. In 1980 they migrated to Switzerland. They were fond of tennis game. In 1987 while they were in a German town to watch a tournament they met they met famous tennis player Martina Neura. She advised Mero's parents that she had guts for tennis game she must learn to play tennis.
Therefore, with hard labor and zeal she became junior Swiss champion in the age of 15. In 1998 she became professional player and began to participate in international tennis tournaments.
In the Sydney Olympics she was defeated by Russian player in first round. In doubles she also experienced defeat in first round. These continuous defeats made her too sad, however, on other side Sydney Olympics brought a pleasant change in her life.
It happened so that rising tennis star and world junior champion 10 year Roger Federer fell in love with her. It was the proverbial love of first sight. Roger used to meet her off and on. She recalls the first days of love that how she used to think that why Rogers talks to me too much then after all the love did not remain one sided and it became both sided. Then they started to live together as other couples do. He called her "Miraka" with love and her this name became so popular that people forgot her real name. In 2002 Miraka retired from tennis due to foot trouble and became Roger's manager. From this change Roger's career took a sharp turn towards fame and success. She organized his life, removed his shyness and Roger concentrated on his game due to Miraka's attention and he became the best player of tennis and he reached to the peak of his career. It is a fact that on the back of every successful man there is a woman.
Roger married his beloved in 2009 and now they have twin daughters.

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