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Friday, July 20, 2012

Guava Protects And Tightens The Loose Skin

More benefits of eating and using guava:---
*---- Guava protects skin as well as the astringents found in the guava increase the beauty of the skin and tighten the loose skin. This is a fact that guava protects your skin in a better way and with out any negative after affects than the skin lotions available in the market. The Joshanda ( leaves boiled in hot water) or guava rubbing on the skin increases the attraction of the skin and helps in tightening of the loose skin. Moreover, the the vitamin A and C and anti-oxidants present in the guava play their beneficial role and freshen the skin.
*---- Guava is a laxative fruit. The dietary fiber present in the guava saves you from constipation. An average size guava provides you with 36 % of the daily recommended requirement of fiber. Moreover, the seeds of the guava play their role as laxative factor. Its pulp and seeds both clean the intestines and keep bowl exit system in proper functioning condition.
*---- Guava is beneficial in diabetes too. A study conducted on mice showed that guava and its leaves lowered the blood sugar level in the patients. However, if it is eaten with husks may not help diabetes. According to a report published in an Indian journal revealed that when guava material was put in the blood of mice, it lowered the blood sugar in their blood samples. So, the best way of eating guava for the sugar patients is that it may be taken with out husks.
*---- a chemical compound as well as fiber found in the guava are beneficial for losing weight. Guava contains proteins, vitamins and other compounds in abundance that help in losing weight.Guava has very low quantities of cholesterol and carbohydrates. An average size of guava has the dietary requirements from lunch to dinner. Astonishingly, guava is beneficial for those who want to gain weight.
*----- Guava contains 4 times higher quantity of vitamin C than citrus fruits. Therefore, it fulfills the deficiency of vitamin C. Guava is beneficial for protecting the teeth. The astringents and vitamins found in the juice of leaves of guava are beneficial for tooth pain and mouth ulcer.

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