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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Celebrations Of Homosexuals Held In Islamabad

The special functions of homosexuals to celebrate monsoon season were held in Islamabad in different residences of American diplomats. A large number of homosexuals from inland and foreign countries participated. Participants had purchased a token ticket worth PKR 3000 and they were allowed to enter after fixing a special stamp on their arms. Sources say that these special functions were held like those in western countries in the Pakistan's federal capital Islamabad, to welcome monsoon season in the residences of deputy chief of mission and legal attaches of American Embassy.
More than 60 couples from foreign and underground homosexuals in Pakistan including diplomats participated in the residence of American legal attache situated at Hill Road in sector F-6/3 of Islamabad. They also announced to hold a discussion on the topic of homosexuality on July 16.
Is it less important for Dafa e Council Pakistan and religious parties who take out long rallies against restoration of NATO supply but they are silent on the activities of generation of loot (The Nation/ tribe destroyed By Almighty, who were practicing homosexuality). It means that America is free to do whatever it likes in Pakistan because Pakistani leaders are slaves to the USA.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

not Hood but loot who were destroyed for homosexuality