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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Latest Water Tap---A Solution To Save Water

Two scientists belonging to Germany have jointly have jointly invented a water tap that flows water according to the direction of the user. The invention of Michael Shurger and Denis Clock has been termed an important one regarding the stoppage of wastage of water. The invention presented with the name of "Quantum Tap" has no lever or knob above the faucet rather a shaft or handle has been fixed above the faucet that moves up and down like a pump. The required quantity of water is filled in this shaft or space that has also a measuring scale for using the water. As soon as the water is used the shaft like handle gradually comes down and at the end it stops the flow of water. As the scale of water is decided by the user himself so he is compelled to use it as quickly as possible before it stops.
Both the inventers say after a few says user knows the quantity of water he needs for his daily routine jobs. It results in less wastage of water. Similarly when the user quatum tap uses ordinary tap somewhere else he knows how much quantity of water he needs for his routine work.
Though the rates of the quantum tap are higher in the market but the societies aware of the valkue of water the tap is getting popularity.

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