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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Babri Mosque In Ayudhia Was Destroyed With The Permission Of Narsimha Rao----Madhu Limaye

Well known Indian intellectual and journalist Kaldeep Naer wrote an autobiography "Beyond The Lines" that carries some astonishing, eye-opening and interesting exclusive stories. Kaldeep is known as "old lion" due to his courage and truthfulness among the journalist's community of India. Some of the the events from his book are narrated for the knowledge of the readers.
Kaldeep says that he was sitting with Madhu Limaye; a famous Indian intellectual and socialist leader, during the beginning of 1993. This party defeated congress party of Indra Gandhi during 1977 general election. At the time riots were continued after the destruction of Babri Mosque. Madhu said, Kaldeep writes," I am going to disclosing an important revelation before you. On the morning of December 06, 1992, when the workers of extremist Hindu Party Wishwa Hindu Preshad started destroying Babri Mosque under a pre-planned program, prime minister Narseim ha Rao sat to begin worship. His worship ended by the time when his personal secretary came and whispered in his ear that Mosques was destroyed."
Kaldeep writes that he was not astonished at the disclosure because he considered the Narsamrao's government for the incident of Mosque. In November 1992, prime minister invited the journalist to tell how the measures were being taken to save the mosque. In the meeting PM was not serious and ignored many questions.
When the thousands of extremists Hindus reached Ayodhya to demolish Babri mosque, pro-nationalist party was ruling the UP and Kalyan Singh was the chief minister who even did not take any solid steps to save the mosque. Thus under the cover of leadership Hindu extremists demolished the mosque and murdered the secularism.
Afterwards, sectarian riots began and prime minister invited journalists including Kaldeep, in PM house. The central point of PM's speech was that government tried its best to stop the breakage of the mosque but Kalyan Singh did not cooperate.
Kaldeep asked the prime minister that when he dismissed Kalyan's government then how was Ram Mandar constructed overnight. He replied that government had called for military to disperse the rioters but but plane could not land at Lukhnau airport due to bad weather. PM could not answer satisfactorily when asked why were the security troops of federal government present in Ayudhya not moved? However he assured that Ram Mandar will soon be demolished.
It is worth mentioning that terming Narsemha Rao a "secret Extremist Hindu" a huge hue and cry was made in India. His son Ranga Rao termed Kaldeep's statement baseless and said that his father was supporter of Muslims.But, Narsemha Rao's actions reflect something different. In 1984 when Indra Gandhi was killed, furious Hindus started attacking houses of Sikhs in some cities of India including New Delhi, Narsemha Rao was federal interior minister and military reached after 3 days meanwhile, hundreds of Sikhs were killed.
Similarly, on November 24,2010, the International chairman of the Washwa Hindu Preshad,Ashoke Mangal revealed that Indian prime minister Narsemha Rao wanted to see Temple in place of Mosque, therefore on his desire government purchased an area of 70 acres adjacent to Babri Mosque and Ram Mandar was built on the land (though prime minister had promised to domolish it).

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