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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Merciless Wave Of Hatred Against Rohingyan Muslims In Myanmar

The most victimized Muslim minority of the world, Rohingya in Myanmar is again under the worst state atrocities. In the massacre that started since June 03, 2000 Muslims have been martyred. According to Rohingya Solidarity Organization, 10000 Muslims have been martyred, hundreds are injured and thousands have become homeless. The riots erupted in the Arakan State of Myanmar adjacent to Bangladesh when a crowd of Buddhists attacked a bus and had killed ten Rohingyan Muslims. According to eye witnesses the attackers were at least 300 in number who were furious allegedly on a rape of a woman incident and were laying its responsibility on Muslims. Local administration had arrested 3 Muslim young men. Were these Muslims responsible for the incident actually? This has to be proved yet in in the court, but Buddhists distributed pamphlets in the whole area consisting of the picture of raped and murdered woman along with provocative slogans against Muslims. These pamphlets ignited the fire of hatred against the Rohingya Muslims in the whole province. The figures issued by the World Food Program, about 80000 families were compelled to leave homes and these figures are 3 fold higher than the statistics issued by the Myanmar government. However, Rohingyan sources say that the number of homeless families has increased than 0.1 million.
After the riots president Thene Sen has declared the emergency in the state and deployed military troops to restore law and order situation. The situation became so tense that UN Secretary General Ben Key Moon immediately sent his special envoy for Burma Vijay Nambeer to the area. While Organization of Islamic Cooperation(OIC) has appealed the Nobel Laureate and Goddess of democracy Aang San Su Chi to play her role in stopping the massacre of Rohingyan Muslims. The head of the Islamic organization Akmal ud Din Ehsan Oghlo has requested Mrs Su Chi to convince her government on the inquiry of the current riots by the international agencies. He also demanded to guarantee the access of international media and provision of humanitarian aids by the international agencies to the Muslims of the state.

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