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Friday, July 20, 2012

Egyptian First Lady---- A Typical Traditional Religious Minded Woman

Newly elected president of Egypt has been sworn in. There are many problems for him during the days to come. Egyptian society is composed of two extreme minded segments. One is fond of "western freedom" while the second favors Islamic and Arab values. Set all these aside, the Egyptian modern women have created a new problem for themselves. Because the "First Lady", wife of president Muhammad Morsi, Najla Ali Mehmood who is so traditional that she does not bring the name of her husband on tongue and strictly prohibits to write or call her as first lady.
In Egypt to add husband's name as second name is traditionally popular common as in western countries. But, among the religious Muslim this tradition could not be rooted. Therefore, such Egyptian women do not make the name of their husband as part of their name due to the fear that when introducing themselves they will have to tell the name of husband, additionally too, which is not good according to tradition. Therefore, Egyptian first lady has father's name with her name. Moreover, she is called Umm e Ahmad in reference to her elder son which is an old Arabian social and family tradition. Najla Ali Mehmood is dressed in long Iba and gown that is below knees. She avoids to be interviewed and highlighted in the news.
She refused to be called First Lady as she says my husband is the servant of the Egyptian nation and I am his wife and hat is enough for my introduction. But Egyptian modern society is worried that she is a housewife and wears a traditional dress, then she would perform in the modern world her duties as being the wife of president. Several functions are held in presidential house in which foreigner men and women participate, how would she deal with all these issues? The traditional style of living of Najla is causing alarm among the modern class of the country.

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