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Monday, July 23, 2012

Pakistan's Participation In London Olympics Is Conditional To IOC Decision

There are only 4 days left for the beginning of London Olympics. The largest sports fair of the world will start in London on July 27. All the grounds and locations for the matches of this mega event are fully prepared. Three hundred and two events of 28 games will be held in the Olympics that will continue till August 10. Athletes of 201 countries have directly qualified for the games, while 10500 athletes from 204 countries are expected to participate. The matches will be held on more than 30 places in Britain. Central stadium has been constructed at a cost of 500 million pounds in the in the center of Olympic Park. Stadium surrounded by water o 3 sides has a capacity of 80000 spectators. In the stadium inaugural and concluding functions will be held as well as matches of the games.Arrow shooting competitions will be held in Lords Cricket ground, tennis in Wembeldon stadium Football in Wembeley as well as other games in Olympic park. Water sports will be held in the latest Aquanic center. Strict security measures have been adapted for holding mega event successfully by Britain government. During the games 17000 security officials will be deployed.
Though Pakistan Olympic Association has announced a contingent consisting of 39 members, however, Pakistan's participation depends upon the meeting of the International Olympic Committee 's Executive Board to begin on Sunday. The meeting will decide among other matter the important decision about the suspension or otherwise of the membership of Pakistan from IOC will be taken up. If IOC suspends membership of Pakistan, it will be a bad newsfor the nation depressed already by unemployment, poverty and price-hike. According to the rules Pakistani players could take part in the Olympic but in the inaugural and concluding session Pakistan's national flag would not be hoisted instead IOC's flag will hoist and it will be a slap on the face of Pakistani Olympic committee members.

1 comment:

DHK said...

Please shed some light on Why Pakistan membership is under discussion by IOC. What went wrong this time.