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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Speeches Of Mohtarama Fatima Jinnah (Sister Of Father Of Nation) Were Censored On Third Anniversary Of Quad--1

The broadcasts of speeches of Mohtarama Fatima Jinnah by Radio Pakistan continued on Independence day, Death Anniversary of Quade Azam, and on Eids through which she guided the nation. Her speeches and statements have been saved in her first book "Gulbang e Hayat".
It was on the eve of third anniversary of founder of nation on September 11. 1951 that a conflict about her speech shook the country. On the occasion her Urdu speech was broadcast from the Karachi studio of radio Pakistan. She highlighted the Kashmir issue and criticized the government of Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan with out naming, in her speech.
Before recording her speech the controller of of news Z. A. Bukhari who had read the draft of the speech requested Fatima Jinnah to delete some "objectionable" sentences, but she insisted either to broad cast her speech with out any amendment or it should be announced that she can not deliver speech on radio.
Z. A Bukhari kept silent at the moment but her speech was broadcast and the listeners felt that the voice of Fatima Jinnah kept sinking at two occasions during the speech and it was known afterwards, that these two instances at the time of reading were the sentences Bukhari had objected upon.
When the matter was known to Fatima Jinnah she expressed her severe reaction and the press also published the news relating to Miss Jinnah's censored speech. The English newspapers "Evening Times", and "Times of Karachi" and among newpapers Daily "Jang" ahead in publishing the news. These papers also published editorials against the event.

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