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Monday, July 2, 2012

Congratulations ! My Egyptians Brothers. Would Dr Morci Be Second Urdgan For Muslim Umma?

Millions of young Egyptians are praying to Allah Almighty and celebrating their joy on Tahrir Square in Cairo. Dr Muhammad Morci has been handed over the charge of administration by the ruling military council.The first democratically elected president of Egypt Dr Muhammad Morsi took the oath of his office in a historical celebration/ function in Cairo, before a constitutional court. The head of the ruling military regime Field Marshal Muhammad Tanghadi handed over the charge to the newly elected president. Congratulations Ekhwanul Muslamoon, you are the lightening hope for Egypt and the Muslim Ummah. May My Allah bless you with all of His blessings.
Dr Morsi has to face great challenges of economy and law and order and governance. But he is the capable person to tackle the challenges bravely. One great challenge for Dr Morsi is that of bringing in the mainstream his separated groups the major group is headed by Dr Abdul Monem Abul Fatooh. Though he favored Dr Morsi in run of election openly. Salfis party Alnoor also won 20-25 seats. There is difference between the stance of Ekhwans and Salfis but in some issues against secularists and western powers they stand side by side. However, Dr Morsi will have to take all the steps carefully.
There are several lessons in the personality of Dr Morsi for Pakistani leaders, if they have intellect to think in the best interest of the nation. Having Doctrate degree in engineering Dr Muhammad Morsi resigned within 15 minutes after hearing the official announcement of his success from his political party. He said that now he was the chairman of Ekhwan but president of the whole Egypt. Her wife refused to leave their cheaper two room flat on fifth flour of a building and shift to presidential house. She also said that she may not be called first lady because elected members are the servants of masses. These leaders can take the nations out of crisis not the Pakistani leaders.

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