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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Indian Government Forcing Untouchable Women For Family Planning

This year to achieve 10 % target of family planning the Indian State government of Madhya Pradeh is forcefully and by threats carrying out surgery for family planning of tribal and low caste women. In this way they plan to decrease the population of untouchables in the state. During this compaign the government staff is accused of promising incentive but then they threaten and by force compell the families to undergo surgery.
In Bhampur a 19 year girl from Shudar ( low caste) family accused of forcefully carrying out surgery while she has only one daughter. She was threatened by Patwari and head of Punchayat to do so, otherwise the employment card of his family will be canceled. Shesaid that insdpite of this government did not fulfill its promise of helping them.
This is another ugly face of Indian government claiming of being a secular state.

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