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Sunday, July 22, 2012

"We Have Built Atom Bomb" A. Q. Khan Told Kaldeep In 1987

Kaldeep Naer writes in his book "Beyond The Lines" that he was invited In 1987 by the editor the Daily "Muslim" Islamabad Mushahid Hussain who he said was Kaldeep's best friend, on his marriage. Actually, I suggested Mushahid to join journalism and he will be a good journalist. My prophecy proved true. He received me on airport and whispered in my ear that he was going to give him surprise," Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan agreed to meet him". I was stunned because I did not expect that he will be successful in achieving my long standing wish.
On day fixed we went to meet Dr A Q Khan, he was waiting in the veranda. No search was done on the gate so it meant that government had allowed this meeting. Proceeding towards dining room Dr Khan said that he had been reading my writings and like them. He also narrated his migration from Bhopal to Pakistan.
During the conversation I asked Dr Khan that he was sentenced by a Holland's court for stealing some information from their laboratory. He said this was just a blame and nothing could be proved by the court. I asked did Indians try sometime to enter in the nuclear plant. He replied that one Indian major accompanied by few spies tried but were arrested.
My utmost try was to get information whether Pakistan has successfully made bomb. But, I failed. I paid him rich attributes that he was the only scientist in Pak India sub-continent who had two PhD degrees. Then I asked were thee any foreigners included in Pakistani nuclear team? Dr Khan proudly replied that their team included only Pakistani engineers.
Then I decided to make Dr Khan sentimental on bomb issue and in this way probably he may burst and I could find any clue. I told him that Dr Homi Sathna ( the First scientist who installed Atomic reactor in India) claims that, "Pakistan has neither had such skillful scientists nor apparatus to build atom bomb". Therefore diverting our attention to its atom bomb is wastage of time. As I expected Dr Khan's face got reddish and his hand was continuously hitting the top of the table and he said," those who think so tell them that we have built atom bomb." Mushahid was sitting behind me he was stunned too because the revelation of Dr Khan was astonishing. But, I said, It is easy to claim , there must be some proofs. Pakistan, Pakistan did not present proof or did any explosion" Dr Khan said," we have tested our bomb in the laboratory, Now such latest computers are available that that the intensity of blast can be checked in the laboratory. We are satisfied with the results of the laboratory tests. Our bomb is bigger than the Indian bomb that it blasted on May 18 1974," I asked then wwhy did not Pakistan announce that it has built bomb. Dr Khan said, Is it necessary? Actually the USA has threatened that it will cease all the aid of Pakistan. USA also knows that we have made bomb and the rumors published in western press are all correct."

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