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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Indescent Activities Of Ministers In Gujrat Assembly Session In India

During the Gujrat Assembly session, two ministers had been watching obscene clips on their tablet computers. Ministers, belonging to Bharti Janata party M L Shankar and Jhaetha Bhai remained busy while pointed out by the journalist in the press gallery speaker did not care.
After the journalists told some members about their indecent activity, the opposition leader in the assembly Arjan Madhwad said that the real face has come in forefront of the Janata party and public must recognize them. While, he also demanded inquiry from the speaker into this immoral activity in the assembly.
It is worth mentioning that the watching of nude pictures on iPad in the assembly has not been noticed for the first time, before this in the Karnataka state in the assembly session three ministers belonging to the same party, C C Patel, Krishna and Lakshman Swami were seen watching the same type of movies. At least Pakistani legislators do not act like those in Indian assemblies. Though, corruption is not considered sin.

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