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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Eat Guava--- It Will Save You From Cancer

Guava is a tasteful fruit, it is mainly found in Asia. According to experts, it is full of nutritive constituents. It contains fiber, vitamin A and C, folic acid, potassium, copper and manganese in abundance. Let us have a look on the benefits of eating guava:--
*---- Guava saves you from cancer. It has a compound lysopene in abundance that protects from cancer. The anti-oxidant compound lysopene in guava is absorbed more quickly in the body as compared to that found in tomatoes. Because the formation of its cells is different from the lysopene present in tomatoes. Therefore whether it is eaten in raw form or cooked its lydopene id absorbed in the body quickly. Lysopene is considered to decrease the likely hood of cancer of glands. While it lowers the growth of cell of chest/breast cancer. Guava works against free radicals that damage cells and cause cancer of heart heart diseases. All kinds of Guavas are full of anti-oxidants, however, these are more in red guavas than those found in white ones.
*---- Guava saves from high blood pressure. Guava is basically, hypo-glysemic, if eaten with out husk. Fiber is found in abundance in guava that lowers the levels of blood pressure and cholesterol. Therefore, guava is beneficial for those suffering from high blood pressure of heart diseases. Studies reveal that those people who eat more guava suffer less from high blood pressure than those who take do not take or take in less quantities.
*---- Guava is beneficial when one is suffering from diarrhea. It has been proved that guava has a chemical compound called stringent that squeezes blood tissues. This compound recovers the diarrheal condition to normal stool. This compound has also bacterial qualities that helps patients during diarrhea. Other germicidal constituents like carotenides, vitamin C and potassium help recovering from different intestinal problems.
*----- Guava also saves you from or benefits you in cough and cold. Joshands ( guava's leaves boiled in hot water)or juice of raw guava is beneficial in patient suffering from coughing and cold. The reason is the compound stringent found in the juice of guava besides decreasing cough protects respiratory ways, throat and lungs from infection. Guava has vitamin C and iron in abundance those give protection from viral infections.

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