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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lives Saved By Celebrities

1. Rihanna became a hero when she helped a NY woman suffering from Leukemia to find a bone marrow donor. From Rihanna’s plea, 5,000 volunteers contacted the donor center and the-mum-of-two found a match.
2 Ryan Gosling is not just an on-screen hero. It is claimed the actor saved a woman’s life by stopping her from stepping out in front of a speeding taxi. The damsel in distress turned out to be a UK journalist, who tweeted ‘I literally just got saved from a car by Ryan Gosling.’
3 Oscar-winner Kate Winslet saved a 90-yr-old woman from a burning house. The actress was one of 20 guests at a Caribbean resort, when it caught fire Winslet reportedly carried the woman to safety.
4 Mila Kunis isn’t just a pretty face. When a man who was working in her house collapsed, Kunis rushed to his rescue by turning his head to the side and staying with him until paramedics arrived.
5 Demi Moore used Twitter as a lifeline to save two different suicidal people. Demi used the site to intervene when two people had tweeted their plans to kill themselves.
6 Zoe Saldana didn’t hesitate to stop and help an injured woman who had been injured in a fatal car accident. The Avatar star assisted the woman who had severe scratches and a bloodied face from the accident.

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