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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Censorship On Mohtarama Fatima Jinnah's Speech By Radio Pakistan---2

About the censorship of the speech of Fatima Jinna by radio Pakistan on the third anniversary of Quad e Azam, the "Evening Times" wrote in its editorial that the not only the radio Pakistan but the government as well as the ministry of information and broadcasting is also responsible for the disturbance during the Fatima Jinnah's speech. After the pressure from the press the controller of broadcasting of Radio Pakistan Z.A. Bukhari wrote letter of apology to Fatima Jinnah but she did not accept his apology. Bukhari wrote two more letters of apology to Miss Jinnah and mean meanwhile, her speech was also broadcast with out censor.
Qudrat Ullah Shahab in his book "Shahab Nama" wrote about the event," Speech of Fatima Jinnah was on air when suddenly the transmission stopped on a spot for a few moments and then resumed. It was known afterward that her speech had some such sentences that carried criticism on the government. Though she continued reading the speech being unaware of the transmission stoppage and her those sentences could not be broadcast. This issue caused hue and cry in the press and newspapers published many protest statements. Though the stance of the radio Pakistan was that power failure was the reason of transmission interruption but no body was going to accept radio's arguments. All though that there was something in the Miss Jinnah's speech and to delete that, the power break down drama was staged. The confidence of the people on the government would have not been damaged as much by Miss Jinnah's criticism through a few sentences that much it was damaged by all this censorship activities."

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