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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Love In Munich Olympics 1972 Between Swiss Prince And A Girl From Ordinay Family

*--- Munich Olympics 1972
In August 1972, the crown prince of Sweden Karl Gustaf reached reached Munich to participate in Olympics. When prince was only of 7 months that his father died. His grandfather reared him in quite strict and restricted environment. So prince was very serious in nature.
One day while prince was visiting Olympic village he met a 29 year beautiful naughty girl Sylvia Summerleath. She was the daughter of German father and Brazilian mother. She could speak 5 different languages. Therefore, she was assigned duties in Munich Olympics as host cum interpreter.
Sylvia was a girl full of life who used to solve the routine problems carelessly. Her jolliness and frankness attracted the prince. But, in the beginning Sylvia did not care for her lover. After some time she was also attacked by God Of Love The "Cupid". Though she was 3 years elder than her beloved.
After Olympics they continued meeting and understanding each other. In 1973, Prince became the king of Sweden. As Sylvia belonged to a common family so elders of royal family were politely asking the king to quit relationship with Sylvia. However king Gustaf did not leave his beloved. At the last , love got successful and during June 1976 both the couple tied knot of marriage. They are living a happy life and have two daughters and one son. Hence,the power of love gathered a prince and a common girl.

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