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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The USA Is Paying For Its Massacre In The World

The USA is carrying out the so called war against terrorists in the world, specially against the Muslims. But, it never looks at the terrorist's activities going on in its own country. Some times, its own American citizen attacks the shopping mall and makes hundreds of people hostages, kills them blindly and shoots himself. Is not it a suicide attack? Is not it a terrorism? Other American shoots blindly in a school and kills dozens of innocent children. What is it? Some fires on the roads kills and injures many. Why? Were their parents, brothers, sisters, kids or other loved ones killed in drone attacks?
The latest shooting by a young man Holms, 24 and a doctoral student killed 16 people and injured 59 during the premier show of "The Knight Rises" in the suburb of Denver, Colorado. He first released tear gas and then fired on the crowd. It expresses the mentality of American youth. It is a revenge by the "Nature" of the killings of millions of Muslims in the Muslim countries. Holms is not a bearded young man, neither he is an illiterate traditional Afghan youth. He is an educated American individual.
Similarly, on April 16, 2007, Seung Hui-Cho, a senior English Major opened fire in the class in the Virginia Polytechnic School and killed 32 students and then killed himself. The incident left 23 injured. It was the deadliest mass murder in the history of the USA. He was diagnosed as mentally ill. There are hundreds of mentally sick American youths who will continue killings of innocent Americans. No Muslim is in favor of killing any innocent person except he is armed and prepared to kill others. The USA must peep into its sins of massacres in the world, especially in the Muslim world killing innocent persons sleeping in homes or sitting in their "Hujras".

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