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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

AXE Zee Agency, Another Version Of Black Water In Pakistan

In federal capital Islamabad, a new agency "AXe Zee" has been launched after Black Water. The American girls of the agency are trapping educated young men belonging to Khyber Pakhtoon Khah and Baluchistan in the well to do areas of Islamabad. The girls hold meetings with the educated youth from the two provinces in the restaurants in Super market and Kohsar Market and astray them for higher education and attractive jobs in the USA. The girls pose them as the staff members of some NGO's that is taking interests in developmental projects in Malakand and Baluchistan. Sources of a daily newspaper say that secret agencies are also monitoring the activities of these girls.
The reporter of the newspaper listened the talks between the American girl and a Master degree holder young man from KPK in a restaurant in a Posh area of Islamabad. The girl handed over her business card to the boy and told him that she has a project for the educated young people to send them to foreign countries for higher education and if they need jobs in the USA that her project can provide to them. (While, the USA has imposed strict ban on issuing visas to Pakistani students.)
The objectives of new agency AXE ZEE seem to deceive the educated young men from Baluchistan and KPK and use them for their own interests. Exactly, the same activities had been launched in Iraq. The end result of the activities of the agencies like this are the killings by Raymond Davis type spies and exit the country with great respect. This agency has rented houses in Posh area in the name of NGO's, if these people are not strictly watched and monitored an incident like that of Raymond Davis may occur again.

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