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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Veena Will Host Religious Program On Hero TV Despite Criticism By Masses

Veena Malik, a Pakistani actress emerged as sex symbol in bollywood, will be coming with her show Astaghfaar despite all criticism by the masses against her appearance in ‘religious program’.
Astaghfaar is likely to on-aired in this week as per its old scheduled decided by its Hero TV management.
Insiders said that the management of Hero TV, which most of the people called as Zero TV, has decided in principle to broadcast all episodes recorded earlier in Dubai.
The channel paid a heavy cost of the program as it not only paid Rs 4 million to Veena Malik but spent million of rupees on the shooting of the show.
The management of TV show decided to on-air all recorded shows of Veena Malik for saving its spending and possible revenues earning. Afterwards, it will record more programs keeping in view the gravity of situation and possible protest on social media or otherwise.
The channel along with its sister publications is trying to convince masses that Veena has right to repent from her sins.
In this regard, views though recorded and edited were presented again and again on screen to make the mind of audience that Veena should be allowed for hosting a religious show because she is human and human can commit a sin.
The religious scholars were seen forcefully and tactfully sought an advice a “sinner will be allowed for forgiveness of her act”.
Astaghfaar has been observed controversial as Veena Malik herself after the promo of the show released on Youtube and website of TV channels.
Hero TV management decided earlier not to on-air the show for the time being after social media activism restrained it experimenting stupid things.
However, no body has right to call a Muslim "sinner". Allah Almighty is the only authority to forgive one's sins. If she is ashamed of her sins realizes that she had committed sin by doing sex scenes, He has the power to forgive her. Allah Almighty has forgiven a prostitute who mercifully cleaned and fed a puppy. Veena! you must determine not to do the wrong things. However, it is He who wrote one's earning in one or other way but too greediness for is not good.

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